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Royal Albert Hall

Situated in South Kensington, Royal Albert Hall is the world’s most famous stage. Its magnificent auditorium hosts over 350 shows a year by some of the most popular artists. The events include ballet and opera, classical concerts, charity performances and others. Royal Albert Hall was opened in the year 1871 by Queen Victoria and is today one of London’s most treasured buildings.

The hall is a registered charity and operates without public or government funding.

Kensington Gardens

Attracting millions of tourists, Kensington Gardens is one of London’s most royal parks. It lies immediately to the west of Hyde Park. It covers an area of 270 acres and comprises Albert Memorial, the Italian Gardens and Kensington Palace to name a few. Magnificent trees and attractive flowers make this place a must visit.

Albert Memorial is situated in Kensington Gardens. It was specially made by Queen Victoria in memory of her husband, Prince Albert. The memorial was designed in the Gothic Revival Style and was opened in the year 1872. The memorial is 54 m tall and took more than 10 years to complete. When in London, you can’t miss to visit this place.

South Kensington

Home to a bunch of museums, South Kensington attracts all. Some of these museums include:

Victoria and Albert Museum: Check out art and design including ceramics, jewellery, textiles, paintings and sculptures from past thousands of years. V&A often houses exciting fashion exhibitions, for these special exhibitions it is advised to book or purchase tickets in advance.

Science Museum: The Science Museum offers a spectacular and interesting insight to the history of science, and one of the floors is especially targeted at kids with interactive designs.

Natural History Museum: Confront a giant T-rex or experience an earthquake in the Power Within zone. Even the outside of the Natural History Museum is an architectural wonder worth visiting.

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