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Vauxhall Bridge

Built in the year 1811, Vauxhall Bridge is one of the most outstanding landmarks in Vauxhall. The bridge offers an easy link between the north and south central London and is the first iron bridge that crosses river Thames.

Vauxhall Park

Originally opened in the year 1890 by the Prince of Wales, Vauxhall Park today contains a collection of miniature houses, playground for kids and also a number of tennis courts. It is indeed a perfect place to get away from the busy and bustling city life.

New Covent Garden Market

This market was set up in Vauxhall after the growing popularity of Covent Garden Market in the year 1974. Not only will you have access to a huge range of fresh produce; you’ll find numerous cafes and restaurants here to choose from.

St Peter’s Church

This Church in Kennington Lane dates back to 1860 and was built to meet the needs and requirements of the local community. In the present times, the church has become the place for numerous exhibitions, concerts, community activities and arts festivals.

Vauxhall City Farm

For those in search of a peaceful and tranquil place, Vauxhall City Farms is an ideal destination. Opened in the year 1977 to offer the local population a taste of the countryside in the core of Central London, the farm includes a community garden, a riding centre and more.

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