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Located in the heart of London, our serviced apartments in Victoria are ideal for long and short stays in the city. A perfect alternative to hotels, each apartment contains a fully equipped kitchen, a stylish living space, and privacy. Victoria is one of the most iconic locations in London, nestled right in the heart of the city between Westminster, Belgravia and Pimlico. Its location in one of the capital’s most affluent areas, coupled with its proximity to some of the UK’s most famous landmarks, means that Victoria is inevitably one of the most sought after places to stay for anyone visiting the city. Whilst the area’s popularity is reflected in its abundance of hotels and guesthouses, an increasing number of travellers are realising the array of benefits offered by serviced apartments in Victoria. These properties offer an entirely different experience of the city, giving guests their own private environment with more of a home-from-home atmosphere.

Some of the best serviced apartments in Victoria include:

These properties offer many of the benefits usually associated with traditional accommodation, such as room cleaning and reception, but also offer a host of additional conveniences. Each comes complete with a range of mod-cons, including hi-speed Wi-Fi, air conditioning and home entertainment. They also offer guests the option to self-cater by providing fully equipped kitchen facilities - making them particularly well suited to those planning an extended stay in Victoria.

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More about Victoria, London

Benefits of Serviced Apartments

There are many reasons behind the surge in popularity of serviced apartments. Aside from offering a self-contained environment from which to enjoy Victoria, these private lets also offer guests everything they need to relax, cook and even entertain. Providing a genuine home-from-home environment, serviced apartments in Victoria also offer a much more personal and unique experience than does a generic hotel or guesthouse. 

Serviced apartments are also ideal for those making a longer stay - thanks to the inclusion of mod-cons such as high-speed Wi-Fi and the latest in home entertainment. This makes them the perfect place in which to relax after a day in the city - either working or sightseeing. What’s more, the addition of a fully-equipped kitchen gives guests the option to self-cater, which is particularly beneficial to anyone making an extended stay in Victoria. 

Another benefit of private apartment lets is that they are usually located in the most desirable parts of a given city or district, close to the main attractions as well as within easy reach of the main transport hubs. This makes them ideal for both business and leisure travellers and gives guests peace of mind that they are staying in the most desirable areas. 

Corporate Accommodation in Victoria

Its proximity to Westminster and the City of London, combined with its excellent transport links to the rest of the UK, means Victoria is a hugely popular location for business travellers working in London. These travellers naturally have different demands and expectations when it comes to finding somewhere to stay. Fortunately, much of’s range of corporate accommodation in Victoria caters specifically to a discerning business clientele - each property offering a comfortable place to both work and relax as well as providing all the necessary conveniences for a stress-free stay. 

Each property offers all the necessary features for corporate guests - such as high-speed internet connection, a flat-screen TV and cooking facilities, as well as the added convenience of regular room servicing and concierge where available. 

Holiday Accommodation in Victoria

Of course, private lets aren’t just for business travellers. An increasing number of tourists are realising that serviced apartments provide the ultimate holiday accommodation in Victoria - offering all the benefits of a hotel, such as room servicing and easy booking, whilst also having the added advantage of home entertainment and additional living space. Furthermore, the option of a fully-equipped kitchen also opens up a world of opportunity when it comes to catering options. Having a private base also offers a completely different tourist experience, as guests have a space in which they can relax and socialise without having to consider other guests or abide by hotel timescales. Finally, staying in a genuine London home offers a much more authentic experience of the city. 

Where to Stay in Victoria

The name Victoria traditionally applies to the area in the immediate vicinity of the main railway station. Naturally, this makes Victoria a fairly compact location so most travellers looking to stay locally will find themselves on the periphery - in which case it is a good idea to check out the neighbouring districts to see which side is preferable. The south side, bordering Pimlico is highly desirable amongst those seeking the more residential areas, whilst those wanting to partake in a little sightseeing may prefer to base themselves closer to the Westminster side. However, thanks to Victoria Station’s excellent tube connections, anywhere in London is within easy reach for those staying locally. 

Facts About Victoria

Victoria is named after the famous station that occupies some ten acres of the neighbourhood - or more including the coach station. The station is in turn named after Britain’s second-longest serving monarch: the infamous Queen Victoria. These royal links have furnished the area with a rich and fascinating history and inevitably tied it to the history of Britain's world-famous rail industry. Below are a few more facts about Victoria:

  • Victoria Train Station was used as the main terminus for soldiers returning from the front during World War I. A plaque commemorates the arrival of the body of The Unknown Warrior at platform 8 on 10th November 1920.
  • In 1884, Irish republicans blew up Victoria Train Station’s cloakroom using a crude bomb made from dynamite, an alarm clock and a pistol.
  • During excavations for the construction of the Victoria line, six 50 million-year-old fossil nautiloids were discovered underneath Victoria Station
  • In 1969, Queen Elizabeth II became the first monarch to ever take the Tube when she rode on the Victoria Line for its opening journey, taking the short trip from Green Park to Victoria.
  • Similarly, the area’s famous namesake, Queen Victoria, was the first monarch to ride a train.
  • There are 156 places called Victoria in the world.

Cost of Living in Victoria

Being in the heart of London and with unparalleled transport links, it will be of little surprise that the cost of living in Victoria can be high when compared with the rest of the UK. The area is also not primarily residential by nature, so local properties are highly sought after. Fortunately, is able to offer some of the most prestigious serviced apartments in Victoria at highly competitive rates.

Rent is usually the biggest expenditure to consider. With prices in Victoria ranging from anywhere between £1,200 and £4,000 per month, depending on the size of a property. However, serviced accommodation can be more cost-effective than the standard rental market due to the additional benefits associated with long term stays. 

One of the biggest advantages of serviced apartments is having the opportunity to self-cater. The cost of dining out in London soon mount up, but being able to cook in-house reduces overheads dramatically. Given that a meal for two can cost upwards of £100 in the city, this can hugely affect the budget of any trip. Finally, those staying locally can expect to pay approximately £40+ for a weekly zone 1-2 travel pass.

Tips for Visiting Victoria

For the uninitiated, Victoria can be a daunting place. Its size dwarfs many cities on the planet and the crowds can be so big that it can often be overwhelming. To make all travellers feel at ease, here are a few tips for visiting Victoria:

  • Invest in a travel card or Oyster sooner rather than later.
  • Be aware that a pint of beer can cost substantially more than anywhere else in the UK - quite often double the cost.
  • Avoid travelling through Victoria Station during rush hour - 0700-0930 in the morning and 1700 - 1900 in the evening.
  • The Victoria, Central, Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly Lines operate for 24hrs on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Avoid using the Northern Line where possible, it is the worst line on the Underground.
  • Walking to the neighbouring landmarks of Westminster, Hyde Park and Tate Britain is a great way to find more hidden attractions and points of curiosity.
  • Most of the museums are free to enter, but it is sensible to donate.
  • Listen to the buskers in the Victoria Underground Station - They lay some great tunes.

Things to Do in Victoria

Victoria is in one of the most fascinating and landmark-filled areas of London, offering visitors everything from historic architecture to the latest entertainment and leisure facilities. What’s more, thanks to its namesake station, Victoria is the perfect place from which to explore Greater London’s diverse boroughs.

Q.What are the most popular things to do in Victoria?

These are the most popular things to do in Victoria

  • Take a walk to Tate Britain.
  • Explore some of the incredible city parks nearby.
  • Take a train to experience another UK city for a day.
  • Enjoy a traditional London pub.
  • Get a snap of the Houses of Parliament in neighbouring Westminster.

Q.What are some free things to do in Victoria?

Victoria benefits from being close to many of London’s biggest museums - most of which are within walking distance or just a short ride on the tube away. Many of the biggest institutions offer free entry:

  • British Museum.
  • The V&A.
  • The Imperial War Museum.
  • Natural History Museum.

Alternatively, London’s sprawling city parks are also completely free to enjoy.

Q.Does Victoria have many romantic attractions?

Whilst it may be a bit of a stretch to consider Victoria Station a romantic landmark, the surrounding area offers an abundance of options for enjoying a date. The areas of Pimlico and Belgravia offer some of the best restaurants in London, which can be followed by a relaxing stroll along the Thames, taking in the stunning cityscape reflecting off the water after the sun goes down.

Q.What are the most family-friendly things to do in Victoria?

Victoria is a fantastic area for all ages, thanks to its proximity to numerous family-friendly sights and attractions. For something on the educational side, there’s an abundance of museums nearby, whilst those seeking to enjoy the outdoors will find Hyde Park and St James’s Park are perfect for picnics and games. 

Places to Visit in Victoria

Anyone staying in Victoria will not be found wanting when it comes to things to do. The area is in a prime location for sightseeing, not to mention offering some of the best transport links anywhere in the city. With so much on offer, it can be difficult to know where to head first. Below are a few suggestions:

  • The Tate Modern - Victoria’s most visited attraction housing some of the world’s finest modern artworks. 
  • The British Museum - famous for its incredible collection of ancient artefacts - including the notorious Rosetta Stone.
  • Westminster and the Houses of Parliament - the seat of the UK government and one of the world’s most iconic buildings. Home to the infamous Big Ben. 
  • Covent Garden - the heart of Victoria’s theatre and entertainment area, with a host of bars and eateries.
  • The Tower of Victoria - the iconic palace-fortress is one of Victoria’s most recognisable landmarks and houses numerous historical exhibits within its walls.
  • Buckingham Palace - the Victoria residence of Queen Elizabeth and a stunning example of 18th-century architecture.
  • Leicester Square - famous for its movie premiers, Leicester Square is one of Victoria’s most iconic locations and a popular place for tourists. 
  • Kew Gardens - the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew showcase stunning flora from around the world in a sprawling 326-acre landscape. 
  • The Victoria Eye - a 135-metre observation wheel that offers spectacular views of the Thames and Victoria cityscape.

Places to Eat in Victoria

Victoria offers an abundance of choice when it comes to places to eat. In fact, there are several places within the station itself! The area offers everything from world cuisine to traditional British pub food and the surrounding neighbourhoods are famous for their incredible fine-dining establishments. 

Some of the best places to eat in and around Victoria are: 

  • Lorne. 
  • Kazan.
  • Il Posto.
  • Grumbles.
  • St George’s Tavern.
  • Lime Orange.
  • The Marquis of Westminster.
  • Aster.
  • The Goring Dining Room.
  • 2 Bridge Place.

Street Food in Victoria

Whilst Victoria may not be traditionally seen as a haven for street food lovers, visitors will be pleasantly surprised to find there are still a few opportunities to enjoy casual dining. Market Hall Victoria and Sourced Market offer the biggest selection of different foods and are both conveniently located just outside of the main railway station. Alternatively, Pure on Victoria Street is a popular vegan establishment, or Iberica Victoria is ideal for tapas lovers. 

Shopping in Victoria

London is famous across the world for its incredible shopping streets and plazas. Victoria Station itself has a great range of familiar brands, with the adjoining Victoria Place Shopping Centre boasting over 100 stores. There are also several other retailers with shop fronts along Buckingham Palace Road, making Victoria a top shopping destination in its own right. However, those looking to branch out will also find several other major shopping centres nearby. These include:

  • Fountain Square Victoria.
  • Eccleston Yards.
  • Kings Walk Shopping Mall.
  • Royal Arcade.
  • Cardinal Place.

Transportation in Victoria

It will come of little surprise that Victoria - being named for the second biggest railway station in London - is extremely well connected when it comes to public transport. The railway operates across nine platforms and offers links across London and the south east, as well as to cities in the north, midlands and west country. The London Underground also runs from Victoria via the Circle, District and Victoria lines - the tube being the easiest and most convenient way of making journeys in the city centre. A day Travelcard for zones 1 - 5 will cover the entire network and currently costs £18.10. The Victoria Underground’s 270 stations can be found in each of these zones and are connected via 11 different lines. Several major tube stations can be reached directly from Victoria, including:

  • Hammersmith.
  • Tower Hill.
  • Oxford Circus.
  • Kings Cross St Pancras.
  • Embankment.

Victoria is also a major coach station, with National Express services running to the London Airports, as well as across the country into Wales and Scotland.

Weather in Victoria

London weather is often described as predictably unpredictable. Whilst there can be rainfall at just about any time of year, there are nonetheless distinct seasons that follow a regular yearly pattern. The summer, from June to September is always a popular time in London as people enjoy the sunshine in parks, beer gardens and rooftop terraces. Temperatures typically reach the high 20s, with the mercury occasionally climbing a little higher in August. However, the winter months of November and December are also a great time to visit. As temperatures drop to just above freezing, Londoners head inside to enjoy the city’s numerous museums and galleries. There are also plenty of seasonal activities around this time of year - including the famous Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. However, as previously mentioned, there’s always the chance of rain in the capital, so it is essential to pack accordingly!