Serviced Apartments in Brentwood

Furnished Apartments in Brentwood

A lavish range of fully furnished apartments in Brentwood adorn our LA portfolio. The quiet but upscale area in a rich LA county has plenty to offer to you. The best part of getting a homely apartment in a destination like this is you can come back and curl up into a fluffy, cozy bed after a long day of exploring the city, sip your favorite wine in a jacuzzi, and watch your favorite television shows on a flat-screen. Not just this, you can also undertake a personal cooking experience in a fully equipped kitchen. You will get access to all the facilities available at the apartment for the number of days you intend to stay.

Some of Our Top Serviced Apartments in Brentwood, Los Angeles are:

These exclusive experiences allow you the little joys like walking in your private garden with your pet. You can bring in your furry friends to these furnished apartments in Brentwood and add more joy to your stay. All these apartments are very much safe to stay in with a secure entry system and give you enough space to relax, entertain yourself or even enjoy a private cinema experience. Our curators have gone to lengths to make this travel experience the most memorable one for you and your family.

 Where to Stay in Brentwood

A beautiful and serene place to stay, the richness of Brentwood is both soothing and welcoming. You can easily find furnished apartments in the best places in Brentwood including Sunset Blvd, Homewood Rd, N Kenter Ave, N Tigertail Rd, N Carmelina Ave, Gorham Ave, Bundy Dr, Darlington Ave, Dorothy St, Mayfield Ave, and Kiowa Ave. Irrespective of where you stay, you will feel homely and happy amidst all the clean air and greenery here.

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Facts about Brentwood

While you are here, do enjoy the Getty museum and the historic country mart. The cozy restaurant line-up at San Vicente Blv is a must.

Some of the most exciting facts to stir your excitement about the furnished apartments in Brentwood are:

  • The Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker at Kelvedon Hatch is a large underground bunker maintained during the Cold War as a potential regional government headquarters. 
  • Weald Country Park is a 700-year-old country park in South Weald. The current layout is largely the result of landscaping carried out in the naturalistic manner of Capability Brown for Hugh Smith, Lord of the manor.
  • The Cathedral of St Mary and St Helen is a Roman Catholic cathedral. It is the seat of the Diocese of Brentwood.

Weather in Brentwood

You will experience hot and arid summers in Brentwood while the winters will make you feel cold and wet. They are short and partly cloudy. The temperature here varies throughout the year with  31°F being the minimum and  101°F being the maximum. The presence of clouds varies seasonally throughout the year. June-March marks Brentwood tourism in all its swing.