Furnished Apartments in Culver City

Serviced Apartments in Culver City

This very hip city in California, brushing with the stars, has dazzling nightlife and an impressive variety of experiences to offer. Our exclusive catalogs mushroomed across the city and come in a lot of variety to complement all tastes. With sophisticated interiors, a lengthy list of striking amenities, and a premium quality of living, our accommodations have set the bar quite high to make living in Culver City an unforgettable experience.

Some of Our Top Furnished Apartments in Culver City are:

Each one of our furnished apartments in Culver City comes loaded with superior quality mattresses, linens, kitchen appliances, and all kinds of premium comforts that one can expect in an ultra-luxurious hotel. Each space is thoughtfully designed to give you a taste of nothing but the best. 

Where to Stay in Culver City

While you are looking for short term rentals in Culver City, make sure to skip Silver Lake or Highland Park if you don't wish to trek to work every day. Brentwood and Westwood are your two best picks when looking for convenience right in the center of Culver City. Washington Boulevard is another very exclusive location if you are looking for a central location that doesn't cost you a bomb.

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Facts About Culver City

Culver City is as interesting as LA itself and has way more stories to tell than one can imagine. With such a friendly vibe and all the bling from the television industry, the area is here to make an impression on you.

Some of the facts that might help you get a clear picture of how interesting the place is have been listed right below:

  • Incorporated in 1917, Culver City was named after its founder Harry Culver.
  • It is a proud home to the famous Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios.
  • This makes it a celebrated center of the entertainment and production industry.
  • Real estate here ranks one of the highest in entire America making it a very expensing part of California.
  • Sony Pictures and Hughes Aircraft Company have both enjoyed their headquarters here.
  • It was initially founded as a sundown town that was exclusively for whites only.
  • The entire cast of The Wizard of Oz stayed at the landmark hotel here that is uniquely shaped like a pie.

Weather in Culver City

With arid and warm summers and wet winters, Culver City has a distinct taste of both the dominant seasons. Summers last from July to October while winters last from November to April. The weather in between is quite pleasant and quite clear for a vacation. If you are traveling in winter, umbrellas and gumboots are a must. It gets way more windy post-February so don't forget to throw in a pullover and a few light caps to dress in style.