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Serviced Apartments in Downtown LA

Serviced Apartments in Downtown, Los Angeles

Downtown, also known as DTLA, is one of the most important business districts of Los Angeles, California. Various popular residential neighborhoods like Little Tokyo, Chinatown, and Arts District make it Downtown. Restaurants, high-rise apartments, and bars embellish Downtown like nowhere else. It is one of the finest places across the city to spend a work or leisure holiday in. An experience of a lifetime here awaits you with a fine mix of architectural marvels, a fun vibe, and exclusive museums here.

Some of the most stunning serviced apartments in Downtown Los Angeles include:

Each serviced apartment comes fully-equipped with furniture and a kitchen. Bespoke furnishings and excellent hand-picked locations await you in the heart of Downtown. You will realize how rare this feeling of home in LA is when you rest on the rich leather sofas in the living room. We can already see you laughing at the latest comedy-drama playing on the smart TV. You can whip something up in the oven while you sneak some time or quickly order in before the high-quality mattresses let you sleep like a baby.

Reach out to team to instantly book your furnished apartments in Downtown Los Angeles or surf for more options here.

Corporate Accommodation in Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown is stuffed with some of the biggest global companies across its area of 12.25 sq km. While it has been a leader ever since, as of today, it is undergoing an evolution. Hundreds of new businesses flood DTLA with its ever-expanding infrastructure and commercial projects. goes to lengths to curate a home for work travelers. They proudly own all the advantages of a minimal, sophisticated, and work-friendly hotel suite. With proximity to major public transport stations to big corporate offices, and so much more. You can also pick a property closer to the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC). It is exceedingly garnering popularity among tech gurus. Our homes come with full-fledged kitchens, Wi-Fi, TV, cloth washers, bathtubs, and even dishwashers in some. Brace yourselves to experience our homes offering unmatched comfort potential.

Holiday Accommodation in Downtown Los Angeles

With hip bars, endless museums, lots and lots of food flooding Downtown, there cannot be a better place for a cozy holiday stay. Our teams have taken a personal interest in curating every single accommodation to make it feel as closer to home as possible. Our homes find a suitable audience in all travel groups. From couples looking for a romantic shower or kids who like jumping around in the living room, groups who like enjoying a beer with a balcony view, or families looking for some privacy, one can have it all. With so much to see in Los Angeles, expect to feel hungry even in the middle of the night. With great night scenes and a fully-stocked kitchen at your disposal, consider yourself sorted for your entire trip.

Where to Stay in Downtown Los Angeles

The district offers some of the most entertaining neighborhoods to spend a vacation in. Each comes with a high level of entertainment welcoming you in all parts of Downtown. While Chinatown and the Arts District are the most entertaining ones, FD and Bunker Hill are the most convenient. Chinatown and Little Tokyo are the two neighborhoods that are fun and popular but from a distance.

A few neighborhoods where our serviced apartments in Downtown Los Angeles can be easily found are:

  • Arts District - If you prefer an artistic buzz day and night, go to this very exciting neighborhood. It is a great mix of retail, technology, and art community full of food experiences.
  • South Park - Experience living in this happening residential neighborhood. It is graced with over 6000 bourgeois Downtowners. A few landmarks here are LA Convention Center, Staples Center, L.A. Live, and more.
  • Financial District - You can call it the ultimate center of the city and Downtown’s heart. Macy's, Jewelry District, endless shopping hubs, and a large community call FD their home.
  • Bunker Hill - Consider this the finest neighborhood to pick in Downtown. It is studded with skyscrapers, diverse experiences, culinary hubs, and office buildings. One cannot forget The Broad.


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More about Downtown, Los angeles

Facts About Downtown Los Angeles

Downton and LA have several highlights up its sleeve. Considering the rich history and features that it hides within its cozy streets, a lot of travelers find their interest spiked by knowing the details around it. Some of these intriguing facts include:

  • With almost 4 million people residing, LA is the most populous city all across California.
  • It is also the 2nd most populated city in the U.S.A.
  • The city was officially founded in the year 1781.
  • City Hall was Downtown’s tallest building in the 1900s. Wilshire Grand Center with 1100 feet is the highest one today since 2016.
  • LA was originally known as a long Spanish phrase that is translated in English as ‘The Town of our Lady the Queen of Angels of River Porciuncula’.

Tips for Visiting Downtown Los Angeles

A bunch of Downtown tips to make your Downtown experience with us as smooth and memorable as it can get include:

  • Instantly buy a TAP Card for hassle-free metro travel.
  • Download the LA Transit App if you prefer to travel by bus.
  • You can even pay for your bike shares through TAP cards.
  • Go for shuttle services to travel from the airport. Locals repel going traveling so don't expect too much from that local friend.
  • Expect no bathrooms on subway stations here.
  • Avoid going very far away from the apartment post 10 pm when Downtown.
  •  Long lines outside food trucks are a good sign.

Things to Do in Downtown Los Angeles

Most tourists see Los Angeles as a very high-end part of the country. What they don't see is that it has a great potential to connect with the local vibe. With street markets, museums, bars, and parks full of performers, you are in for a local treat. It is great to expect fancy bars and nightlife Downtown but here are a few picks that will catch you off guard.

Some very fascinating things that can be experienced near our serviced apartments in Downtown Los Angeles include:

1. What are the most popular things to do in Downtown Los Angeles?

A few things can be easily picked that club together to make the most fun itinerary. Here are a few things to look out for instantly when you reach Downtown:

  • El Pueblo de Los Ángeles, open to the public, is the historical part of the city that has a lot of vintage feels to it. You can go through 11 out of 26 historical structures and let the Spanish vibe take you over.
  • Historic Core is a great spot for all its fun bars and restaurants to complete your trip.
  • If you are into sports and concerts, head straight to South Park.

2. What are some free things to do near Downtown Los Angeles?

If you are looking for places to explore on your own, quickly skim through the shortlist below:

  • Consider Los Angeles Conservancy as your first choice. From free tours to paid ones and even virtual ones, you can expect to see and know about U.S. Bank Tower, Central Library, and Bradbury Building from up close.
  • Head to the Last Bookstore and get lost in the world of age-old books. You can always buy a book or two but the feel of the place is what matters the most and that is free for sure.
  • The Broadway theater area here along with the two prime contemporary art hubs The Broad and MOCA is free to enter.

 3. What are the most family-friendly things to do in Downtown Los Angeles?

If kids are tagging along on your LA trip or it is a romantic getaway for a couple in love, here are a few very safe activities to consider Downtown:

  • Head to Grand Park with a giant picnic basket. This urbane oasis brims with pink benches, fun local performers, lush green lawns, and a heartwarming community vibe.
  • Walt Disney Concert Hall is a great pick.
  • Take your fam to the very interesting Olvera Street. Buying local produce and connecting with the locality is an experience of its own.
  • Take your partner to the most gorgeous LA Flowers Market at the Downtown Fashion District. It is colorful, it is pretty, and it is memorable.

Places to Visit in Downtown Los Angeles

Art museums, contemporary galleries, and performative art hubs together define what Downtown is all about. Travelers love to enjoy the experience of shopping and eating around. Don't miss Little Tokyo and Chinatown neighborhoods for more authentic experiences.

Top 5 places that one must enjoy in Downtown include:

  •  Walt Disney Concert Hall- With a whopping capacity of 2,265 people, this is a crown jewel of the performative arts of Downtown. The theater has $274-million to its name.
  • The Broad & MOCA - Savor the taste of authentic contemporary art snuggled in Downtown. Artworks of over 200 renowned artists can be spotted in these galleries facing each other.
  • Dorothy Chandler Pavilion- Experience one of the country’s three performing arts centers here. From Opera to dance and music, enjoy everything here.
  • Little Tokyo- It is a whole new town of its own and deserves a special visit too. Get lost in the great food, shops, and vibe of this place full of experiences.
  •  Olvera Street- This Mexican marketplace is all about Downtown vibe, street food, and street shopping in the heart of LA. It is a must-visit spot for you.

Places to Eat in Downtown Los Angeles

From Hawaiian tastes to stuffed taco kits, Downtown food scenes are brimming with flavors throughout the year. Tourists and locals can never get enough of local bites here. Explore some of the finest restaurants here that excite foodies beyond measure.

Below is a list of some restaurants that you just cannot miss in Downtown include:

  • Redbird
  • Woodspoon
  • Shibumi
  • Rossoblu
  • Tacos 1986
  • Shiku
  • Bar Ama
  • Broken Mouth

Street Food in Downtown Los Angeles

Guatemalan Street Market and loads of food trucks adorn the street food scenes of Downtown. Expect everything from fluffy hot coconut cakes to grilled skewers, crispy taco shells to delicious chicken dishes here. While you are heading out, don't forget to keep cash handy.

  • Mariscos Jalisco (Fried shrimp tacos)
  • Dollar Hits (Grilled skewers)
  • Takoyaki Tanota (Japanese)
  • Corn Man (Night eats)
  • Mae Ting (Coconut cakes)
  • Hot Motha Clucker (Chicken for all)

Shopping in Downtown Los Angeles

Shopping here is quite fun here. The latest independent merchants gather together in local markets around the city. You can find local independent vendors and artisans selling great local produce, apparel, and handmade goodies.

  • Grand Central Market Bazaar
  • Olvera Street
  • FIDM Museum Shop
  • MOCA Museum Store
  • LA Phil Store

Transportation in Downtown Los Angeles

Many believe that LA doesn't look like a metro city but the metro scenes here are surprisingly extensive and cheap as well. It is growing faster than ever and you can rely on it for all your travel needs. Just buy a TAP Card and you will be good to go. Buses are the next most prominent option. Metro buses and Dash buses are two affordable picks. You can easily get around LA on the famous Big Blue Bus. Bikes and scooter shares are a great option too.

Some of the nearest public transport stations from our serviced apartments in Downtown Los Angeles are:

  • Grand Ave
  • 3rd St
  • Figueroa Street (Bus)
  • 9th St
  • 2nd St (Bus)
  • Olympic
  • Bixel (Bus)

Weather in Downtown Los Angeles

Downton’s weather is fairly regular all year long. It ranges between 17 °C to 20 °C. Downton is warmer than the outer coasts while the nights can get slightly colder. Keep a sweatshirt handy for surprising changes in weather.

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