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Facts About Hollywood

Hollywood is a neighbourhood in Los Angeles and a very popular one. Once known to be a hill overlooking a valley, with the shoreline at a distance, the name apparently came into being when a real estate developer saw an old Chinese man was "hauling wood".

Here are some facts about Hollywood, LA:

  • Hollywood was earlier known as Cahuenga Valley.
  • A cemetery by the name Forever Cemetery has many stars resting in peace.
  • Some of the most iconic places in the neighbourhood include the Walk of Fame, Universal Studios, Roosevelt Hotel, and Disneyland.
  • While most of the movie studios have moved out, the place is still buzzing with activities.
  • Traffic can be frustrating during the day and peak hours.

Weather in Hollywood

The weather in Hollywood is just the same as in Los Angeles. The best season to visit Hollywood is between March to May and September to November when the weather is pleasant. This is the perfect time to roam around and hit the beach as it is neither too hot nor too cold. You can utilize this season to do all the touristy activities and explore the neighbourhood at its best. Avoid visiting during the summers. Winter months between December to February experience heavy rainfall.