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Adjacent to DTLA and Hollywood, Koreatown is all about proximity to the best of experiences that one must enjoy when staying here. Our range of furnished apartments in Koreatown LA comes stuffed with some of the most premium amenities that one could expect in luxurious hotel suites. It is all about comfort, style, and guest privacy that comes as the top priority for all our apartment curators. Each of our abodes uses the immense potential that Koreatown has to offer. Hop from Beverly to Vermont right from your doorstep while food brims all around you at all times. Such is the complete experience that you must look forward to.

Some of Our Top Furnished Apartments in Koreatown LA:

Each one of our Koreatown Los Angeles apartments is equipped with bespoke furnishings, a subtle vibe, and a lot of sophisticated interiors to mould its experience instantly as per your taste. From Wi-Fi to fluffy mattresses, kitchen with groceries and appliances to balconies and rooftops, an all-around experience awaits you in the heart of Koreatown with us.

Where to Stay in Koreatown

Our furnished apartments in Koreatown Los Angeles can be spotted in the best parts of Mid-Wilshire squeezed in right between Downtown LA and Hollywood. Anywhere around Mid-Wilshire would be a great pick to enjoy access to the fun around. Apart from East Hollywood, Silverlake and Westlake are quite likeable spots to discover from the inside. Koreatown in itself is very rich in its vibe and culture. No matter which location you end up picking, your trip will be in safe hands.

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More about Koreatown, Los angeles

Facts About Koreatown

There is so much in Koreatown to catch your interest beyond measure. There lies a whole bunch of notable features that attract and fascinate travellers of varied interests.

Whether you are a party animal or you like unique facts about places you visit, the following bunch of facts about Koreatown will surely surprise you:

  • It is particularly famous for having the maximum number of nightclubs in the country.
  • It is even home to most overnight restaurants and other businesses which is a great plus for night lovers. 
  • Koreatown got its name after Koreans rescued the neighbourhood by shifting here and transforming the place during the economic depression in the Wilshire area.
  • Koreatown is home to LA’s only natural hot spring spa.
  • If you are a fan of green and wide park spaces, Koreatown May shock you that it doesn't have any.

Weather in Koreatown

This wonderful part of California enjoys quite pleasant weather all year long. While it witnesses both winters and summers in all their fine glory but neither of the two is as harsh as most of the world. Even in the hottest month of the year that is August, the highest temperature reaches just 24 °C on average. December being the coldest witnesses the lowest of 14 °C which is quite cool but not bitter. Pack some raincoats if visiting anywhere around February.