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Marina Del Rey is a non-integrated and charming seaside resort community within Los Angeles County in California. It has a beautiful harbor that is a key water recreation and boating hub for the entire Greater Los Angeles zone. Naturally, demand is sky-high for furnished apartments in Marina Del Rey.  The port itself is the biggest man-made small-craft North American harbor while housing roughly 5,000 boats and counting!

Some of Our Best Furnished Apartments in Marina Del Rey:

Each one of our furnished apartments in Marina Del Rey comes with the best amenities including well-equipped kitchens for delicious personal cooking along with free Wi-Fi and comfortable bedrooms among numerous others.

Where to Stay in Marina Del Rey

Washington Boulevard is a popular place to stay along with Lincoln Boulevard, Bali Way, Fiji Way, Panay Way and Palawan Way. Other options include Bora Bora Way, Mindanao Way, Tahiti Way and Admiralty Way to name a few.

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Facts About Marina Del Rey

Marina Del Rey is a seaside community within Los Angeles County in California. The port is the biggest North American man-made small craft harbor while being a hugely popular destination for tourists as well.

Here are some interesting facts about Marina Del Rey that you should know:

  • The locality is popular for tourist activities including chartering yachts, renting kayaks, paddle boarding and dining cruises while land activities include walking pathways, bicycle paths, bird-watching, wildlife watching, whale and dolphin watching, seal watching and more. 
  • Los Angeles County owns the Harbor which is also managed by the DBH (Department of Beaches and Harbors). 
  • Marina Del Rey lies southeast of the Venice community and northwards from the L.A. City community near the Ballona Creek’s mouth. 
  • The harbor and business cum residential zone of the locality is surrounded by the city of Los Angeles while the beach-esque homes on the inner coastal and beachside strip are within LA city limits but share the same zip code. The strand is called Marine Peninsula or Ballona Lagoon Marine Preserve. 
  • Via Dolce is the street that forms the boundary between Marina Del Rey and Los Angeles. 
  • The Admiralty High Rise is one of the largest and tallest structures here, going up to 170 feet with 20 floors. 
  • The harbor is specially tailored for various types of moorings covering bigger boats, ferry boats, whale watching boats and harbor cruise ships. 

Weather in Marina Del Rey

The weather remains comfortable and clear during summers in Marina Del Rey while winters are long, wet, semi-cloudy and cool.

The best time to visit is between early June and mid-October for enjoying the weather and outdoor activities galore.