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There are over 25 serviced apartments in Playa Vista Los-Angeles with more being added every day. In total, TheSqua.re has over 250,000 apartments across the globe that are waiting to be booked. Book Now .

Prices start from £49 per night and increase from there. Bear in mind that the type of apartment and number of guest will affect the overall price. Book Now .

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Some of the apartment buildings in Playa Vista Los-Angeles will offer bed and breakfast or gym membership, whereas others may provide them with an extra charge. The apartment listing will make that clear. Other services include airport pick-up, meet and greet and so much more. Book your stay here for the full TheSqua.re experience.

That depends on the policy of the apartment/building management. You may have to enquire first when making your booking in Playa Vista Los-Angeles.

Serviced apartments in Playa Vista Los-Angeles have all the features of home, are centrally located and have other astounding attributes that make them better than hotels, as covered here.

Playa Vista Serviced Apartments

Playa Vista is a prominent locality within the Westside area in Los Angeles, California. The area was previously the Hughes Aircraft Company’s headquarters from 1941 to 1985 and the site where the famous Hughes H-4 Hercules Spruce Goose aircraft was built. It was rapidly developed from 2002 with retail, residential and commercial projects galore. Several businesses in technology, entertainment and media shifted here thereafter. The entire zone covering Playa Del Rey, Santa Monica, Venice, Mar Vista, Culver City and El Segundo is today called Silicon Beach. Demand is naturally high for furnished apartments in Playa Vista.

Some of Our Top Furnished Apartments in Playa Vista are:

Our serviced apartments in Playa Vista get numerous amenities such as free Wi-Fi, super-comfortable beds and fully-equipped kitchens for rustling up delicious meals on your own. 

Where to Stay in Playa Vista

Playa Vista has several nearby communities where people prefer staying. These include Culver City, Marina Del Rey, near Ballona Creek and Bluff Creek Drive. Other options include Cabora Drive, Teale Street, Lincoln Boulevard and within the Del Rey district.

More About Playa Vista

Facts About Playa Vista

Playa Vista once had the Hughes Aircraft Company’s headquarters from 1941-1985 and its iconic Spruce Goose Hughes H-4 Hercules aircraft was created here.

Here are some more interesting facts about Playa Vista:

  • Developments started here in 2002 on the lines of a planned residential, retail and business community. 
  • Playa Vista is a part of modern-day Silicon Beach along with the likes of Culver City, Santa Monica and Venice. 
  • The area was once occupied by Native Tongva Americans. They had a sacred burial site at this spot. 
  • The land was a part of Rancho La Ballona in 1839 although it became a part of Port Ballona in the year 1887. 
  • Before being developed, much of the land here was in the form of wetlands linked to a massive salt marsh in current-day Marina Del Rey. They were a part of the bigger Ballona Creek waterway. 
  • Howard Hughes bought the site in the 1940s and built the Hughes Airport, his own runway here. It was also a factory for building aircraft, complete with massive hangars for the same. The Spruce Goose had the biggest height and wingspan of any aircraft in all of history. It was built here in the hangar prior to being shifted to Long Beach Harbor for its sole flight in the year 1947. 
  • Steve Soboroff became President of Playa Vista in October 2001. 
  • This was one out of 6 communities chosen by then-President Bill Clinton in the year 1998 for the National Pilot Project of the Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing or PATH. 

Weather in Playa Vista

Summers are most comfortable and clear in Playa Vista with winters being cool, long and a little wet. Temperatures hover from 50-76 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. The best time to visit is between early June and mid-October for enjoying the pleasant weather and numerous outdoor activities.