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Santa Monica is chic and chill. With miles of sandy beaches on one side and lush green mountains on the other, the downtown district falls amidst a spectacular picture-perfect setting that pulls travelers to the city. This is not merely a beach town but has much more to offer. This walkable tourist haven is also the perfect base for business and leisure travelers, given its proximity to Los Angeles and Hollywood. And if you are planning to travel here for a few days, our furnished apartments in Santa Monica offer you the ideal stay.

Our Top Furnished Apartments in Santa Monica:

These furnished apartments are idyllic short term rentals in Santa Monica and are fully equipped with modern amenities. Whether you are a corporate traveler or a vacationer, these serviced apartments in Santa Monica are thoughtfully designed with large spaces, beautiful furniture, and a fully equipped kitchen with modern appliances. They also offer cozy bedrooms with an attached bathroom, complimentary WiFi, and premium wireless speaker or Smart TV, basically everything you would need during the length of your stay.

Where to Stay in Santa Monica

Santa Monica can easily be called a cultural hub of Southern California. Home to some of the best restaurants, art galleries, and shipping hotspots, you will never feel the lack of anything here. With bustling neighbourhoods like Lincoln Boulevard, Wilshire Boulevard, Colorado Avenue, and Ocean Avenue, you are always at a central location, thanks to the city being incredibly walkable. The best way to get around the city is by bicycle. On the other hand, Metro’s Expo Line makes it easier for commuters to reach LA in just 45 minutes.

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Facts About Santa Monica

Santa Monica is rich in history and culture which presents us with a lot of information about the beautiful city that even the locals hardly know of. The city was originally set up by a few Spanish families in the early 18th century.

Here are some fun facts about Santa Monica:

  • Popeye, the sailor man was created by Elzie Crisler Segar right here after he met a sailor on the Santa Monica Pier who became the real-life inspiration for the famous cartoon character.
  • Beach volleyball was born in Santa Monica after the locals here started playing the game on the beach instead of an indoor facility
  • The fabled Route 66 that linked Chicago to L.A. terminates here at the Santa Monica Pier.

Weather in Santa Monica

The year-round mild climate of Santa Monica is its USP that attracts so many travelers to the beach town.  That is why you will not be disappointed even if you missed the most touristy season in July and August.

The months of October and November and between February to May are the most recommended as this is when you get beautiful weather and also avoid the crowd.