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Facts About Vineyard

  • The Vineyard is a neighbourhood in Glendale California.
  • It has a population of 14507.
  • It is in Los Angeles.
  • It has a lot of bars, parks, and coffee shops.
  • It offers its residents an urban feeling.
  • The residents in Vineyard tend to be liberal.
  • In Vineyard public schools are highly rated.

Weather in Vineyard

The climate in Vineyard is mostly dry and hot year-round. It has a dry summer and rainy winter season. During summer the average temperature ranges between 26-28 degrees Celsius during the day. At night the temperature falls. It ranges between 15-17 degrees Celsius. In winter the average temperature during the day is 17-21 degrees Celsius. At night the temperature falls as low as 8-12 degrees Celsius. Monsoon can bring thunderstorms and high humidity.