Furnished Apartments in Vineyard

Serviced Apartments in Vineyard

When you are travelling to Los Angeles for a vacation or a business trip you need a suitable staying option. TheSqua.re provides you with suitable staying options to make your stay hassle-free. Serviced apartments in Vineyard are the epitome of beauty and luxury. For tourists and business travellers furnished apartments for rent in the vineyard are best for short-term rentals.

Our Top Furnished Apartments in Vineyard are:

Each furnished apartment in Vineyard is carefully designed to cater to every single need of the visitors. Our furnished apartments for rent in Vineyard have modern and sophisticated decor. These come packed with a home away from amenities. This includes modern, spacious bedrooms with linen blankets and pillows. A modular kitchen is also available. It has a fridge, toaster, microwave, kettle, and all other required utensils. High-speed wi-fi, gym access, and room cleaning services are also provided in our furnished apartments for rent in Vineyard. There is a separate living space too. It is well furnished with chairs and a table. It also has a flat-screen tv and other entertainment units for your entertainment. Bathrooms have all the basic toiletries, smart appliances, and laundry cleaning facilities. Your safety and security is also our prime concern. Each room has sprinklers and a fire extinguishing system. The doors have spy holes. This setup also eliminates the hassle of security deposits and agency fees. With our highly experienced team, we ensure you have a happy stay in our furnished apartments in Los Angeles. Besides, our furnished apartments in Vineyard offer plenty to do and see and provide you with lifelong memories.

Customers will also get on-demand doorstep delivery services in our furnished apartment for rent in Vineyard. All the above amenities are a guarantee.

Few other amenities provided at an extra cost are:

  • Cafeteria
  • Lounge
  • Bar and restaurants
  • Swimming pool
  • Parking space
  • Meeting rooms
  • Transportation facility
  • Concierge services

 A traveller will find our serviced apartments in Vineyard as the most comfortable, convenient option.

Where to stay in Vineyard

In Vineyard, we promise you a comfortable and homely experience. Visitors travelling with kids can choose an apartment near a park to embrace the beauty of nature. Bachelors can choose a furnished apartment for rent in Vineyard near clubs or restaurants. This place offers you busy days and perfectly cosy nights. Public transportation is easily accessible near these rental apartments.


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Facts About Vineyard

  • The Vineyard is a neighbourhood in Glendale California.
  • It has a population of 14507.
  • It is in Los Angeles.
  • It has a lot of bars, parks, and coffee shops.
  • It offers its residents an urban feeling.
  • The residents in Vineyard tend to be liberal.
  • In Vineyard public schools are highly rated.

Weather in Vineyard

The climate in Vineyard is mostly dry and hot year-round. It has a dry summer and rainy winter season. During summer the average temperature ranges between 26-28 degrees Celsius during the day. At night the temperature falls. It ranges between 15-17 degrees Celsius. In winter the average temperature during the day is 17-21 degrees Celsius. At night the temperature falls as low as 8-12 degrees Celsius. Monsoon can bring thunderstorms and high humidity.