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West LA is stuffed with culture, a welcoming ambience, variety, and an alluring lifestyle. Our furnished apartments in West LA are safely snuggled in the most ideal neighbourhood surrounded by families, shopping centers, lots of dining options, and elegant cottages. More than anything, it allows unbeatable proximity to excellent activities and the most sought-after attractions in and around West Los Angeles. The ocean is hands down the best part that it offers. If you can believe the locals, there is no better way to experience this exciting part of LA than living closest to its specialities. 

Some of Our Top Furnished Apartments in West Los Angeles are:

Each listing of furnished apartments in West LA comes with the comforts of central air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi, on-site parking availability, a concierge desk, spacious bedrooms, a terrace, and more. In most cases, if not all, you also get access to a swimming pool and gym to cover your daily workout schedule. 

Where to Stay in West Los Angeles

No matter where you live here, you will always be less than 20 minutes from Santa Monica beach. The area around UCLA is pretty safe. Beverly Hills and Malibu are at a quick distance too. If the Japanese community and Asian restaurants are why you are here, Sawtelle Blvd will be your best bet to immerse in Asian and Jap culture.

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Facts About West Los Angeles

This green county falls in Southern California mainly brushing with the Pacific Ocean. There is so much to excite you in the aesthetic streets of West LA as it brims with treats from Korea, China, and especially Tokyo.

A few facts that will further intrigue you enough to book furnished apartments in West Los Angeles include:

  • Another less popular name for West LA is Sawtelle Japantown.
  • You will be surprised to know that you can actually walk around the entire West LA on foot.
  • It is also home to one of the nation’s largest Halloween parties named Hollywood Carnaval.
  • Among the 112 neighbourhoods in LA, West LA ranks among the top 4 and top 7 neighbourhoods that are best to live in and most ideal for young professionals respectively.
  • The excellent area of Sawtelle Blvd is also home to two of the oldest nurseries across Southern California.

Weather in West Los Angeles

As expected, West LA weather is everything that any beach-side area would be like. However, there is a catch. The winters here are very long so it is advisable to visit during the late summers that fall between May and October. It gets very chilly post-November and stays cold till March. It even starts getting wet after November.