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Facts About Westwood

The wonderful L.A. district has a lot of local gems to excite you.

A few facts that can make Westwood and our furnished apartments in Westwood even more fascinating for you include:

  • Westwood was developed on Broadway’s founder Arthur Letts’ historic Wolfskill Ranch.
  • The famous ‘Platinum Triangle’ is in Westwood.
  • The second-largest temple, the Los Angeles California Temple is on Westwood’s Santa Monica Blvd.
  • The Geffen Playhouse famously built for UCLA alumni sits here and was built in 1929.

 Weather in Westwood

Summers in Westwood are mostly warm, very dry, and quite bright and sunny. Winters here are long, very cold, and sometimes wet too. The temperature varies throughout the year with 15°F being the minimum and  88°F being the maximum on an average. In Westwood, the temperature may drop at night so keep a few pullovers handy. Overall, thanks to the water proximity you can expect pleasant weather throughout the year.