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Short Term Apartments Madrid

Finding Short Term Apartment Rentals in Madrid has never been easier!!We bring you the best rental apartments in the beautiful City of Madrid with the most convenient facilities and world-class amenities fit for a king.

Madrid is the most populated city in Spain; moreover, is a cultural hotspot for the country seeing many international travelers each year. This calls for a demand for serviced apartments all over the city. Though finding one to suit your budget and itinerary is a tough ordeal; our Short Term Rentals in Madrid bring you the most comfortable accommodations in the city.

There are many varied options to choose from; from single studio apartments to lavish condos for families all can be accessed through our listing of Short Term Apartment Rentals in Madrid. All our rental Apartments come fully furnished; many have modular kitchens and garden balconies. Moreover, our curated service to each guest aims to offer ancillary convenient facilities such as gyms, office workspace, car rental services, in-house laundry and much more for a comfortable long or short-term stay. Such private accommodations provide you with much-needed solace in your travelling itinerary whether you are a solo traveler seeing an accommodation or a family looking for a spacious and convenient retreat.

Our best Short Term Apartment Rentals in Madrid

All our Short Term Apartment Rentals in Madrid have been selected on the basis of the needs of the international traveler. The apartments are located in key areas of the city that further increase the convenience. They are strategically placed near the recreational centers and business areas opening up possibilities for an exciting stay. The place of the apartments and their type (size) dictates the price and strives to offer the best value for money. Some of the notable Short Term Rentals in Madrid in our listing are as follows:

What are the pros of Short Term Apartment Rentals in Madrid?

The Short Term Rentals in Madrid, Spain, on offer, provide you with a calm and cozy home with all the comforts, including the greatest locations in the lovely city, and rapid itinerary changes. Madrid is also regarded as one of Spain's most costly cities due to the significant number of foreign visitors the city receives. Because of this, standard hotel stays are highly pricey. Therefore, the majority of tourists in the city look for Short Term Apartment Rentals in Madrid. In order to save the traveler time and money, our short-term apartment rentals in Madrid offer a number of amenities and services that are all included in the total cost of the lodging. Available Short Term Rentals in Madrid come completely furnished, on-site laundromats, small offices, and central air conditioning and heating in select properties. As the listings are chosen on the basis of their location you will be able to stay in the hot spots of the city even while not spending much on hotel accommodations. 

Short Term Apartment Rentals in Madrid come in multiple options of bed and apartment sizes to cater to solo travelers as well as families for vacation. The price-to-amenity value is an exceptional attribute of our Short Term Rentals in Madrid, as the accommodation also doubles as a private estate and has been designed to fit all the needs of a traveler; which is hard to find in a similar price point in conventional hotels.

The facilities we offer in our Short Term Rentals in Madrid

The majority of our short-term rentals in Madrid, Spain are fully equipped to meet both families and working people's needs. The Short Term Apartment Rentals in Madrid are offered at various rates to fit your vacation budget and provide you with the most practical and valuable lodgings with top-notch amenities. Additionally, the flats' strategic location provides recreational opportunities because nearby pubs, restaurants, theatres, shopping malls, and much more are all close by. 

Make your trip to Spain a once-in-a-lifetime experience by staying in one of our short-term apartment rentals in Madrid. You won't miss home at all staying here. Most flats have free Wi-Fi and workstations, which allows for the possibility of working from a distance. A wonderful home to stay in also has kitchen conveniences like a dishwasher, oven, and kitchenware. Many residences have heating and air conditioning, and the costs are included in the rent, making it easy to have everything you need at the most competitive prices in the city.

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Bathrooom or Shower
Bath Towels
Microwave Oven
Washer / Dryer
Iron and Ironing Board
Chopping Board
Trash Can
Knife Spatula Set
Bedside Table
Coffee Table
Dinning Table and Chairs
Bathroom Amenities (soap, shampoo, etc)
Toilet Paper
Make Up Mirror
Cots or Cribs
Secure Entry System
Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Gas Safety Check
Electrical Safety Check
Fire Certificates
Wheelchair Accessible
Onsite Restaurant
Pet Friendly
Private Cinema
Rooftop Terrace
Smoking Allowed

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Things to know before booking serviced apartments in Madrid

The top neighbourhoods in Madrid to stay at are Barrio Chamber,Barrio SalamancaandChamberi

Toursists looking for rental apartments near Madrid's tourist attractions should consider the Splendom Campoamoras it is steps away from the most touristic attractions in the city

Those looking for Short Term Lets near Madrid's city transportation should consider the splendom generalfor its close proximity to transport links around the city.

Families looking for Short Term Accommodation in Madrid should consider Splendom Alonso Cano for its ample space and amenities.

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