Best Places to Stay in Melbourne

Best Locations to Stay in Melbourne

Melbourne is a popular tourist destination that receives a large number of visitors every year. Looking for a decent urban residence? Explore the greatest options with TheSqua.re's wide collection of serviced apartments. We provide spacious, completely equipped apartments in Melbourne with all the modern facilities you desire. Additionally, our apartments are located in well-known metropolitan districts nearby well-known tourist destinations, transportation hubs, and shopping centres. You can count on the convenience and ease of serviced rooms, as well as the privacy, when you lodge with us in Melbourne. Both short- and long-term stays are priced affordably at TheSqua.re.

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The Best Area to Stay In Melbourne

The following are some of the best areas to stay in Melbourne. 

  • City Centre- While there aren't many must-see attractions in Melbourne's downtown, many people choose to lodge there because of the fantastic stores, markets, and arcades, as well as the countless restaurants and pubs, particularly along the lovely Yarra River and the city's well-known narrow lanes.
  • St. Kilda- St Kilda East, one of Melbourne's most diverse districts, offers a vivacious glimpse of modern life. Life here is about unhurried trips to food markets and neighbourly charm rather than flashy nightlife and partying, making it far more laid-back and residential than a high-octane city.

Best Area in Melbourne for Sightseeing

Tourists who wish to stay close to the popular attractions and tourist spots of the city can stay in the following places:

  • Southbank- The Southbank neighbourhood offers many cafés, restaurants, pubs, the casino, and great public transport, and it is only a 10-minute walk across the Yarra River from the popular CBD. Additionally, all trams in the city centre are free to ride, making it simple to navigate around.
  • South Yarra- This place in Melbourne is a chic neighbourhood teeming with boutique hotels, hip bars, and fashionable eateries. It is also in the vicinity of the Sea Life Aquarium, situated on the banks of the beautiful river. 

Best Area in Melbourne for Shopping

Melbourne is the fashion capital of Australia and does not disappoint shoppers coming from different parts of the world. Some of the areas for shopping include:

  • Bourke Street Mall- Elizabeth Streets and Swanston, two more shopping streets, are intersected by Bourke Strip Mall, the city's principal closed-off shopping strip. Numerous major shopping malls, such as Melbourne Central, The Strand Melbourne, and  Emporium Melbourne can be found along Bourke Street Mall and the streets around. 
  • Queen Victoria Market- This market area in Melbourne is atmospheric, historic and large. It is situated in the northern part of Melbourne’s city centre where you can find fresh produce from farms as well as food, souvenirs and clothes. 

Best Places in Melbourne for Families

If you are visiting Melbourne with your family, you can consider the following places for staying during your trip:

  • Docklands- Docklands, a revitalised region, is just a few stations on the free tram from downtown. It is a large, tranquil neighbourhood with significantly less congestion than the city centre, and it fronts a charming harbour and marina that are great for strolling and cycling. A games arcade, an ice arena, movie theatres, and mini-golf are all located in the charming District Docklands. 
  • St. Kilda- Visitors with family can take advantage of the famed sunsets of St. Kilda’s long beaches. Visitors can also enjoy summer breezes, and water sports (such as kitesurfing and paddleboarding) as well as cycling along the boardwalk.

Best Area in Melbourne for Food and Restaurants

The following are some of the places in Bangkok which are known for their local food shops and exotic cuisine options:

  • Southbank- An apparently limitless variety of upscale bistros and restaurants can be found in condensed locations like South Wharf, Southgate, and the vast Crown Casino complex at Southbank along the southern margins of the Yarra River, which separates the centre of Melbourne. All are ideal locations for drinking, dining, and people-watching, and the costs are not necessarily startling. Along the Yarra, there are also romantic, complete dinner cruises available.
  • Chinatown- Melbourne's Chinatown is renowned for its culinary creation, dim sim, a vegetable and meat dumpling snack with Chinese influences. The dumpling can be deep-fried, steamed, or barbecued, and served with soy sauce. It is made of minced meat—usually pork, chicken, or lamb, and cabbage, and a special seasoning mixture.

Best Area in Melbourne for Nightlife

Melbourne's thriving nightlife is something you must experience during your visit. For a lively nightlife experience, visit the following locations:

  • St Kilda- The historic Palais Theatre, The Prince (Prince of Wales) Hotel, and Hotel Esplanade, are three of Melbourne's finest locations for live music and cultural events, and they are all located in the small but hip coastal neighbourhood of St Kilda. In the summer, St Kilda comes alive with the screams of excitement coming from Luna Park and the crowded chic cafés along Acland Street.
  • South Melbourne- There is a large variety of pubs in South Melbourne, including fashionable nightclubs, breweries, and sophisticated gastropubs, to suit every taste.

Best Places in Melbourne for First Timers

If you are planning to visit Melbourne for the first time you can stay in the following places during your visit:

  • Docklands- Some visitors could become overwhelmed by the people, automobile traffic, and noise in the crowded and cramped city centre (including Southbank). Additionally, residing in suburbs like South Yarra and St Kilda frequently necessitates navigating the public transit system. Docklands is perfectly situated outside the city and offers a level of peace that cannot be found in the centre. The city centre can be reached on foot (or a short ride on the free tram) and boasts a gorgeous marina surrounded by cafés and bike paths.
  • City Centre- Although weary commuters might not agree, Melbourne's downtown has a first-rate public transport system. In addition to having rapid and direct shuttle buses that travel directly from the city centre to the airport in under 30 minutes, three significant train stations in the city centre connect to nearby suburbs and tourist-attractive regional cities including Werribee, Geelong, and Ballarat. 

Best Places to Stay in Melbourne for Tourists

Many places in Melbourne are popular among tourists and some of these include:

  • Southbank- Southbank enables tourists to take advantage of the city centre's cultural, artistic, architectural, and cuisine attractions without staying amid its crowds, noise, or traffic, as it is only a 5-minute walk away from downtown by one of the many bridges.
  • Dockland- Docklands is a newly restored neighbourhood of upscale flats located just outside the western fringe of the city centre. Docklands is especially well-liked by families. It is built around a lovely marina, flanked by harborside bistros, and dominated by a big football stadium.