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Facts About St. Kilda

The suburb is previously known as Euroe Yroke area, Green Knoll, Punk Town, and The Village of Fareham, was renamed to St. Kilda by the Superintendent of the Port Phillip District. The original inhabitants of St. Kilda were the Boon Wurrung people who used to have their gatherings at the ‘Corroboree tree’ situated at the St. Kilda junction. Here are some facts about St. Kilda:

  • In February, the neighborhood dons a carnivalesque hat for a week, with the St. Kilda Festival which features music and comedy performances
  • The neighborhood was earlier known as the elite’s holiday destination, which then turned into a red-light district in the 1950s and a backpackers haven shortly after that. 

Weather in St. Kilda

Just as Melbourne, St. Kilda enjoys a glorious spring, a warm summer, and a crisp winter. The hottest seasons are January to February when the maximum temperature averages 270 C (800 F). The coldest months are that of July where the average lowest temperature is 60 C (560 F). Spring and Autumn are the best seasons to visit where the temperature hovers around 170 C - 200 C (620 F - 670 F).