3 Bedroom Apartments in Montreal

3 Bedroom Apartments for Rent in Montreal

Based on the InterNations survey Montreal has a multicultural vibe. Montreal has a fusion of different cultures. A group of travelers can find solace at this place because of the friendly neighborhood and exquisite environment. Along with all the business meetings, parties, and crucial agendas, a group of travelers will need a spacious serviced apartment to keep their luggage and rest. A serviced apartment that lowers the burden of finding nutrition and resting well is a must. Get the most exquisite set of amenities with our exclusive range of 3 bedroom serviced apartments in Montreal.

Our Best 3 Bedroom Apartments in Montreal

Montreal has some of our most beautiful apartments, and they are extensively known for their quality of living and friendly neighborhood. Choosing the best 3 bedroom apartment in Montreal is difficult if you have abodes spread across such fine spots. Various reasons out function our serviced apartments like; a complete kitchen, an attractive living room, complimentary amenities, or convenient distances. The choice differs with each traveler’s expectations.

To find the best for you, we have curated the portfolio with the best chosen serviced apartments:

Facilities in Our 3 Bedroom Apartments in Montreal

Stayers can choose the apartments according to their choice of stay as we have our apartments planted in all the locations. With a fully equipped apartment, get the ease and comfort that rejuvenate your journey. The 3 bedroom apartment for rent in Montreal are curated to perfection in providing a homely vibe so that you don’t feel homesick. We have an apartment that provides ultimate comfort to the stayers to feel refreshed for their next big day.

You can count on a cozy bedroom and fully equipped bathrooms for the comfort of the stayers, a hot shower facility is also added to give you comforting warm therapy. A complete kitchen includes everything in it like a coffee table, dishwasher, microwave, crockery, vacuum cleaner, cutlery, and many more. The entertainment zone is also taken care of to enhance your stay with us. The casa has a wireless internet facility and a flat-screen television with a Netflix. You can now binge-watch all the new series without any buffering issues.  

The living rooms have a wide-open window that enables fresh air and sunlight to lighten up your mood. A great view of Montreal is a plus point. You can chill with your mates by walking around the balcony or rooftop. Lastly, a booklet is provided to understand which restaurant to visit, which transportation to use, and which area to visit near the serviced apartment.

Other amenities in these serviced apartments include:

  • Business center
  • Dishwasher
  • Maid services
  • Concierge desk

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