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Munich Short Term Rentals

Munich is world-famous thanks to gorgeous architecture and many cultural and sports events. But a trip to this capital city would be incomplete without staying in the short term rentals in Munich. They are a part of the premier league of accommodations here. And are highly trusted by tourists. There’s a perfect fusion of traditional and modern features. It makes the experience more wholesome. Plus, the option to personalize the services benefits all kinds of travelers. With separate living and sleeping areas, the entire space is much bigger than most hotels. So, from solo travelers and big families to work colleagues, anyone can enjoy a pleasant stay.

Our Best Short Term Lets in Munich

Munich sees millions of tourists every year. The rising demand has led to the establishment of many serviced apartments. They are also evenly scattered all over the city. This helps the majority of visitors get the ideal shelter while appreciating Munich. At TheSqua.re, we provide some of the best short term lets in Munich the guests have ever seen. They look extravagant and are worth every penny thanks to the plenty of features that tag along. We have listed them as per major selection criteria to simplify the booking process. So, you can choose considering the bedrooms, bathrooms, amenities, and neighborhoods you prefer. However, comfort and luxury remain our top priorities. And that comes irrespective of the apartment type you go for. Some of our most loved apartments include:

1 Month Accommodation in Munich

Most tourists prefer exploring a new place before becoming committed to it for the long term. The short term accommodations in Munich serve this purpose really well. You can easily utilize the time to find a permanent home for you in Munich. There are no complicated lease breakage policies. So, you can move in or out as per your own schedule. Of course, some facilities require a minimum day stay. But that does not apply to the essential amenities in most cases.

Why Should You Book Short Term Accommodation in Munich?

If you want to make your relocation easy, the short term rentals in Munich are a smart choice for you. These apartments are furnished so you get a planned setup to begin life in a new city. All the daily essentials are already organized and ready for usage. This saves you the trouble of investing in buying or renting them separately. The large variety of apartment types also gives you a better scope to fulfill your needs. For instance, there are wheelchair-accessible apartments for the elderly or physically challenged persons. The proximity of these apartments to the tourist spots also makes sightseeing more convenient. Also, they provide airport pickups and relocation services. This reduces your travel-related headaches even further.

Facilities in Our Short Term Rentals in Munich

TheSqua.re has a global reputation for making one of the best serviced apartments. So, if you are moving into one of our short term accommodations in Munich, be prepared to have a gala time. We will be there to welcome you wholeheartedly with all kinds of luxuries. The quality of our apartments is top-class. From the furniture and home decor items to the lighting, everything is tailor-made to give that premium experience. There’s also a free high-speed Wi-Fi facility. This takes away the worry to find a good internet connection right after relocating. Then there are lift access and free parking spaces at all our apartments. We also value your individual wishes. This is is why each of our apartment packages can be customized. You can get one with rooftop decks and enjoy long chats with your partner. For fitness-conscious folks, there is the option to take yoga lessons from a private yogi. If you are traveling for business, we can arrange a business center for your work meetings. Besides, we also give you the chance to own a chauffeur-driven car to roam around the city. The short term lets in Munich also have concierge services. With someone to look after your every need, you can live your vacation days king-size.

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