1 Bedroom Apartments in New Jersey

Ne Jersey 1 Bedroom Apartments for Rent

You are in for a surprise if you plan to go to the U.S for work or a vacation. It has a lot of options to offer from a densely populated city to a least populated one. If you are travelling to and looking for 1 bedroom apartments for rent in New Jersey then you have some great options available at reasonable prices. All the apartments are located at convenient places to reach and are in close connection with the major city around. You can expect to get everything from necessities to party places just nearby. 

Best 1 Bedroom Apartments in New Jersey

It is difficult to pick one because each listing gives close competition to the other. Each abode is quite generous in terms of its pricing, its amenities, its services, and the overall experiences each apartment has to offer. You will be happy to move into any of TheSqua.re’s fine 1 bedroom apartments in New Jersey. They got it all from fully equipped kitchens to large bathrooms along with a clean and spacious bedroom. All of it to your service.

Here is a list of some of the one bedroom apartments in NJ for you to decide from:

Facilities in Our 1 Bedroom Apartments for rent in New Jersey

Each comfortable apartment making it to the portfolio has everything to make you feel happy and satisfied to make the most of your vacation. Your sleep, food, car parking, entertainment, and safety, in short, the entire trip will be sorted to let you enjoy the much-awaited relaxation mode. These abodes have been designed to keep our guests fully comforted and at home with all possible amenities included in the package. The best part is that most additional expenses are already a part of your premium abode experience. We understand that a lot of travellers hate compromising on their workouts and get lazy at the thought of paying extra on a vacation, our on-site gym access solves that problem fair and square.

You can cook your favourite meals in the kitchen while watching your favourite TV show. Enjoy free Wi-Fi and browse as much as you want to binge-watch throughout your nights. Whether it is a work trip or a holiday, who doesn’t like the experience of a home theater with speakers and a lavish flat-screen? With such remarkable amenities right on a platter for you, the range of cosy 1 bedroom furnished apartments in New Jersey seems to offer you an ideal accommodation.

You will have so many places to check out in the city from waterparks to museums to art galleries to zoos. The pleasant atmosphere with these many tourist spots will amaze you and leave you tired to simply jump in and dine at the best restaurants gulping your favourite drink to relax.

While the city treats you like royalty, some of the best facilities at our 1 bedroom apartments for rent in New Jersey are:

  • Air conditioning 
  • Jacuzzi
  • Rooftop terrace
  • Smoking privacy
  • Car parking
  • Central heating
  • Onsite restaurant
  • Pet friendly
  • Secure entry system
  • Private garden
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