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Edison New Jersey Apartments

Edison is one of the most populated municipalities in the United States. It is a township in Middlesex County, New Jersey. Edison New Jersey apartments can be your best bet in this township that got its name from Thomas Edison. He lived there for some time as a child. The apartments offer their residents and guests a lot, from parks to museums, schools, employment, and residential suites. Apartments for rent here provide a wholesome experience that awaits you in these lovely cottages.

Top Furnished Apartments for Rent in Edison NJ:

Apartments for rent in NJ are a tranquil retreat with homely features. The apartments have luxurious bedrooms, attached bathrooms, a kitchen, and decorated lounge spaces. A flat-screen TV and Wi-Fi are available for the guests to stay entertained. Guests can also stay fit by using gym memberships. Other amenities include airport pick-up, breakfast, bedding, laundry, etc. Some services of these Edison New Jersey apartments may have a minimal charge attached. You may check with the apartment management for more details.

Where to Stay in New Jersey

Edison is a thriving suburb with multicultural scenes. It is home to many parks, schools, cafés, restaurants, and shopping centres. A lot of people also come to Edison for work opportunities at companies. The city also offers guests many desirable places to stay and our Edison New Jersey apartments are quickly getting popular on that list. Some hotspots of this neighbourhood are North Edison, Stelton, Tanglewood, Bonhamtown, Menlo Park, and Edison State Park.


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Facts About Edison, New Jersey

Edison New Jersey has grown over time from humble roots into the critical New Jersey township that it is today. Below are a few facts about this lovely neighbourhood in New York City that may excite you are listed below. These snippets from the locals will surely excite you about your stay at our exclusive furnished apartments in Edison NJ.

  • The original name of Edison was Raritan. It was named after a tribe of the Lenape Native Americans, meaning forked river or overflowing stream.
  • Edison is home to the famous Thomas Alva Edison's laboratory, built-in 1876. Since then, this place has been an important site for many inventions like the phonograph, lightbulb, film cameras, etc.
  • Edison has two sister cities, Vadodara, the third-largest town in Gujarat, India, and Shijiazhuang, the largest city in Hebei province, China. This sister city arrangement is made with regard to a large number of Indian and Chinese residents in Edison.
  • Some corporate companies in the town are Johnson & Johnson, Christie Digital Systems USA Incorporated, and AT&T Inc.

Weather in Edison, New Jersey

The weather in Edison is gloomy all year round, with warm, muggy summers and snowy, cold winters. On average, the annual temperature ranges from 25°F to 87°F, with rarely readings below 11°F or above 95°F. The most comfortable months of the year to visit Edison for warm-weather activities are May, June, late July, August, and September. The temperature during these months ranges between 70°F to 85°F. You can easily book our apartments for rent NJ and make the most of your holiday time here with us.