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Lying within Jersey City in New Jersey and deriving its name from the Jersey Journal (which had its headquarters located here between 1911 and 2013), Journal Square is a residential area cum business district. The square lies at the intersection point of the Bergen Avenue and Kennedy Boulevard thoroughfares. The broader zone covers Bergen Square, Marion Section, Five Corners and India Square. Multiple Hudson County government agencies have offices here, scaling up its desirability for travellers. 

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Each one of our Journal Square furnished apartments comes with the best amenities and facilities needed for an enjoyable stay. You will love unwinding with complimentary Wi-Fi, comfortable beds and fully-equipped kitchens among other facilities. 

Where to Stay in Journal Square

Our furnished apartments in Journal Square are located in close proximity to major business and leisure hubs. Staying near the Hudson County Community College is a good idea for tourists along with areas like McGinley Square India Square and Newark Avenue. Staying near Five Corners along Newark Avenue is another preferred option for travellers along with Palisade Avenue.

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Facts About Journal Square

Journal Square was the site for several manors and farmhouses owned by the descendants of Bergen’s original settlers. Bergen was the State’s first-ever chartered municipality that was settled in the year 1660 and is located southwards at Bergen Square.

Here are some more interesting facts about Journal Square:

  • The Hudson and Manhattan Railroad Summit Avenue station was opened in 1912 and several buildings were demolished. 
  • Some structures remain from the period including The Newkirk House and the Labor Bank Building. 
  • The square was made in the year 1932 when the city demolished the Jersey Journal offices, thereby building a broader intersecting point with Hudson Boulevard which was widened in the year 1908. 
  • New headquarters were developed by the iconic newspaper with the square being renamed for honoring it. 
  • The bridge with the boulevard was designed by none other than Abraham Burton Cohen and finished in the year 1926. 
  • Journal Square was the cultural and entertainment hub of Hudson County for several decades, housing movie palaces that came up in the 1920s and other theaters. 
  • John F. Kennedy gave his last speech on the campaign just two days prior to Election Day in the year 1960 here. Hudson Boulevard was renamed in his honour as Kennedy Boulevard after he was assassinated. 
  • The Christopher Columbus statue has been around since the year 1950 at the square and is attributed to Jersey City resident Archimedes Giacomontonio. 

Weather in Journal Square

The summers are humid and warm in Journal Square while winters are quite cold as well. They can often be wet and windy too. The temperatures usually hover from 27 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit around the year. The best time to visit is between mid-June and early July and also between early August and late September.