Furnished Apartments in Somerset

Serviced Apartments in Somerset

Somerset enjoys a very distinct ambiance and warmth when it comes to visiting New Jersey. As one of the richest counties in the country, Somerset enjoys a very high population density along with proximity to the globally loved New York City. With such a thick stage to cross to get to the creamier spots of the county, a fully functional rental in the heart of Somerset would be a favor that anyone visiting here could use. While the locals have a lot of offer when it comes to food and experiences, a kitchen that is all set to cook meals just as you like surely makes shifting to a whole new city or a country all the easier. From whipping up your favorite meals to having a cozy private spot in the home to yourself, or dozing off in the fluffiest mattresses by the night, you have a very snuggly experience to look forward to.

Our Best Furnished Apartments in Somerset

Every furnished apartment in Somerset is very singular when it comes to vibe and appeal. A very extensive process of researching goes behind making an apartment fully ready for a family staycation or a work stay. Considering the advantages of Somerset, complementing amenities and expert interior designing goes behind every living experience offered by TheSqua.re here. No matter what, the comfort and convenience of each guest are what tops all possible lists of priorities. Expect a full-fledged home-like living experience with us in Somerset, and we will try our best to make you feel as familiar as we can.

Exclusive furnished apartments in Somerset include:

Facilities in Our Somerset Serviced Apartments

Our thorough Somerset portfolio of fully functional serviced apartments come equipped with most kinds of facilities that one either enjoy at home or craves at a luxury hotel. It is the combination of the two that birthed the very concept of serviced abodes that gives guests exactly what they have been looking for. All the apartments come carefully designed as per the needs of the modern global traveler. Each abode comes equipped with every little thing ranging from a Nespresso machine to a dishwasher, High definition TV ready with high-speed Wi-Fi to binge your favorite shows to whatnot. All these amenities together weave to offer a place that gives you a home experience even in a city that you haven't visited before. While the list of amenities goes quite long, you could always ask for add-ons based on your preferences and desired level of customizations. From adding extra beds to providing extra cleaning days, concierge desk to gym access, you can have it all.

Some of those amenities that set TheSqua.re way apart among guests that love comfort above anything else include:

  • Concierge services
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Lift access
  • Sauna
  • Rooftop deck
  • Business centre

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