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New Jersey Studio Apartments for Rent

New Jersey studio abodes are immensely sophisticated parts of the larger TheSqua.re catalog adding convenience and grace to global travelling. Modern travellers adore the concept of serviced apartments in the new and improved travel and accommodation industry of the decade. Our exclusive and compact range of studio rentals contributes a big part to that increasing popularity, especially in New Jersey. With a kitchenette, welcoming decor, fully furnished interiors ready to move in, and tons of facilities similar to luxurious hotels all squished in one fantastic home-like rental, our studio apartments in New Jersey are the future that you must look out for.

Our Best Studio Apartments in New Jersey

Like every good thing ever curated, our studio furnished apartments in New Jersey come in a premium carefully presented selection. Our best apartments don't necessarily mean expensive interiors, high-end decor, or posh locations, it simply means what suits you best. From your budget to your location preference, the vibe of the building to convenient distances to the workplace, our compact abodes are known to live up to a lot of expectations among travellers with varied tastes.

Some of our top picks from the entire portfolio at large are listed below for a quick skim:

Why Should You Book a Studio Apartment in New Jersey?

Studio apartments are your best shot at classic travel accommodation and budget travels. Expect to be impressed by an expansive display of premium hotel-like amenities that range from the comfiest bedroom to the most stunning and adorable kitchenette, a flat-screen TV to lots and lots of conveniences to snuggle in. This range is particularly admired by solo travellers who like their privacy and wish to ditch the expensive multi-storey hotel loungers for a hardcore local experience. With the Statue of Liberty and gorgeous waterfronts tempting you, you have all the reasons to book yourself one impeccable studio apartment in the heart of New Jersey.

Facilities in Our New Jersey Studio Apartments

When it comes to accommodation, getting the most necessities and comforts right is where the entire success of the house lies. This is why we have channelized our focus and budgets on getting the most comfortable beds, offering all the entertainment options within the home, and getting you the comfort to cook in our ready-to-use kitchen. If you are here for travel and work purposes, free high-speed Wi-Fi routers make it all the easier. With groceries and house help coming over regularly to our concierge desk and an online team available at your disposal 24*7, you have signed up for a living experience that feels closest to home.

Apart from these, you can always expect a whole other range of amenities available at an extra cost. While most premium studio sets come with a lot of these facilities, the more affordable categories often offer these at an additional cost. These paid services include gym access in your building, rooftop deck, access to the conference room as per your requirement, and a lot more. These facilities collectively make our studio apartments in New Jersey your perfect option for the most luxurious, comforting, and welcoming living experience in the heart of the city.

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