1 Bedroom Apartments in New York

1 Bedroom Apartments in New York

When it comes to short and long stays in New York, solo travelers need a spot call home that is fully furnished and has their needs and requirements met. That’s where our 1 bedroom furnished apartments in New York come in handy. They are built for the solo traveler in mind, and of course a couple that wants privacy, so that chilling in the Big Apple becomes second nature and a work of ease. With apartments all over the top neighborhoods, finding the right one that suits a guest's disposition and need of travel is simpler than they first thought.

Our award-winning portfolio has a vast selection of 1 bedroom apartments all over NYC. Each one is fully equipped with a range of amenities that have the worlds of corporate and leisure in mind. But even then, there are apartments that go beyond the standard array. The executive and deluxe living spaces that have that special niche about them that sets each one apart from the ones before it. We know what travelers need so we provide it.

Our top 1 bedroom apartments in New York include the many great ones listed below:

Facilities in Our 1 Bedroom Apartments in New York

Every guest that books our 1 bedroom apartments want a bespoke and fully equipped space that acts as the perfect travel companion to return home to at the end of hours of exploration and tastings of great foods. We recognize that there’s a long list of facilities that needs to be met in order to please our guests so we ensure that our apartments fit the bill. Upon entering our apartments, guests will find a fully equipped kitchen that will help them to save on eating out, a flat screen TV that will access to cable and maybe even Netflix, a dining space to enjoy meals, plush and cozy furniture to unwind in at the end of the day, and a bed with luxuriously soft linens that will send guests off to the land of sleep in no time at all. All the features of home are embedded within. This includes free W-Fi too that will easily connect guests to the web,  to friends and family, to content streaming sites and to work from if needs be. Modern travel is more than sorted when they stay with TheSqua.re.

Then there are the additional amenities that are available for those that want them. They can be a part of the booking package or part of the apartment building. These features include the likes of a gym, spa, sauna and other first-class amenities. As the icing on the cake, they will make any stay in our 1 bedroom apartments seem perfectly swanky. Some of these features also depend on how long a booking is for. Short term guests may not get access. This can change from apartment to apartment.

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Where Can You Find Our One Bedroom Apartments in New York?

We know that New York is big and that every neighborhood has its own defining characteristics that can appeal to some and detract others. That’s why our portfolio of apartments can be found in all the big spots so all travelers of business and leisure can stay where they feel most comfortable. Whether it’s a young and hip neighborhood or a corporate district, everyone can be happy with what our award-winning portfolio offers:

Our 1 bedroom apartments in NYC can be found in the following unique neighborhoods:

  • Upper East Side - The poshest neighborhood in the entire city, this is where old and new money mingle. From top luxury restaurants to residential buildings that soar into the sky and offer tremendous views for their guests.
  • Upper West Side - Another affluent neighborhood, this is where many of the political dynasties in New York and along the East Coast have set themselves up over the decades. The plush surroundings contrast well with the local residents’ net worths. 
  • Midtown - With the likes of Broadway, Times Square, Central Park and more in easy reach, this is the pinnacle of New York neighborhoods that’s difficult to top. The screeching traffic and the incessant noise are all part of the city’s character.
  • Lower Manhattan - Stuffed “Downtown”, this is where the financial district and other parts of the city lie in wait for appreciation by the many visitors of NYC. Skyscrapers and boat rides to the Statue of Liberty all happen here.
  • Financial District - Where business and trade happens, this is the top spot for corporate travelers that want to be close to the big headquarters and the New York Stock Exchange. 
  • Chelsea - Arguably the trendiest neighborhood in the whole of the city, art galleries litter the streets with bespoke and original masterpieces while the residents enjoy hipster burger joints and markets that have unique products and more buried within the stalls.
  • West Village - Another spot for the young professionals, it has a cool vibe and is full of other hidden treasures and foodie hideouts to make everyone happy.
  • Murray Hill - Also known as “Curry Hill” by the locals thanks to its stretch of Indian restaurants, it is a modern and characteristic area with townhouses and more to make it appealing to the hard workers and tourists of the city.

Attractions Near Our 1 Bedroom Apartments in NYC

When it comes to New York, everyone knows the top attractions. We all know what to expect. But there are other great sights and landmarks to appreciate when staying in the city too. From the museums to the parks and other assorted things, everyone can find somewhere to spend their free time. And as we recognize the need to be close to the attractions, as they are part of the NYC experience overall, our apartments are situated in ideal locations so getting to the top sights of the city will be easy. Walking distance or just a few subway stops away, guests will be more than satisfied with the level of accessibility.

Some of the top attractions that are close to our 1 bedroom apartments are the following ones listed below:

  • Statue of Liberty - One of the most iconic attractions in NYC, visitors can take a snap from the boat as they approach Liberty Island, and then they can take another as they get up close to it. A distanced selfie is a must.

  • Ellis Island Immigration Museum - Giving a detailed look at how people from around the world have been calling the US home for decades, the contributions they have brought with them and the policies (good and bad) that have been levied, this is not to be missed off any itinerary. 

  • Chelsea Market - Wholesome treats and stalls that sell unique items crowd the place so guests can indulge in foodie and shopping experiences on those wet weekends of New York.

  • Empire State Building - It’s another one of the major attractions in the city. Stunning views that belong on Instagram feeds and Facebook videos make this the popular attractions that it is. It’s so overwhelming that many propose up here.

  • Central Park - With Central Park Zoo, Strawberry Fields, horse carriage rides and Victoria Gardens Amusement Park hidden within the stretch of park, there’s so much to experience for everyone.

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art - A wide collection of artworks from European and American masters as well as extensive holdings of African, Asian, Oceanian, Byzantine, and Islamic art, this is every art fan’s dreams. Definitely not to be missed.

  • American Museum of Natural History - Dinosaurs, ancient beasts, tribal collections and the wonders of space are all stuffed into this huge space that is instantly recognizable from the silver screen. Sadly, the exhibits don’t come to life.

  • Times Square - The hectic atmosphere makes it one of the top spots of the city to really experience what it means to be a New Yorker. The incessant noise and blast of car horns really do make tourists wonder why anyone would want to live here.

  • Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum - Visitors can board The USS Intrepid and the USS Growler, while seeing the Space Shuttle Enterprise hanging from above. It’s quite an experience and should rank up there with the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty for top places to go in New York.

  • Broadway Theater District - The worlds of musicals, dramas and comedies collide here so that visitors have ample choice of shows to suit their moods at the end of the day.

Restaurants Near Our One Bedroom Apartments in New York

New York is well known for its rich cuisine and the plethora of hipster bars and fine dining restaurants. In short, no matter what the budget may be, the city can more than cater to everyone. Whether it’s American grub or dishes of noodles and curries, Italian pasta plates or fine French dining, taste buds will more than explode with the range of options available. Plus, all of our apartments are close to the big restaurants and cool eateries that the city displays so proudly. So, when guests want a change from their fully equipped kitchen, they head out to any of the most scrumptious places in the city.

A few of the best restaurants that are near our 1 bedroom apartments in New York include the likes of:

  • Le Coucou - Beurre blanc, sweetbreads with tarragon, or filet de boeuf with bone marrow are just some of the dishes that can be ordered here. With chandeliers and a posh decor, everyone can have a first-class experience.
  • Roberta's - Pizza lovers will find much to enjoy in this wholesome establishment. With a menu that has a wide selection, no one will feel left out no matter what topping they prefer.  
  • Buvette - A divine Parisian restaurant, the clientele can order the likes of gigot d'agneau or one of the croque monsieurs, and tarte tatin. Plus, the wine here is exceptional.
  • The Four Horsemen - One of many cool and popular establishments, customers are encouraged to order the likes of fried squash blossom, yellow wax beans, Montauk bluefish with chervil, and Rainier cherry sorbet.
  • Wildair - Indulging in some of the best food in the city comes second nature when guests roll up here for brunch or an evening meal.
  • Polo Bar - Steaks and burgers make up the illustrious menu, and the whole establishment is decorated in paintings of famous horses and saddle-leather banquettes, plaid pillows, and stained pine. It might look weird, but the grub is great.
  • Atla - This one of a kind serves Mexican food in a hip environment on Lafayette Street. Its main purpose is to set your taste buds on fire. 

One Bedroom Corporate Apartments in New York

Business travelers that have come to the city on their own need a space to set up camp and enter after a long, dull day of meetings. A space that can light up days of missed opportunities but also add extra light to days of astonishing success. Our 1 bedroom corporateapartments do this and more as they have all the furnishings that the modern business traveler needs to feel comfortable at all points during their short or long term stay. Plus, they can have access to free Wi-Fi which can limit their need to go to the office. Instead, they can work from their apartment, either from the plush sofa or from their cozy bed linen. The choice is theirs when they stay with us. 

New York 1 Bedroom Apartments for Leisure

For couples and singles, our 1 bedroom apartments have all the unique features that they require to enjoy the city of New York any way they want to. From the likes of fully equipped kitchens for healthy meals alone that can be watched in front of the TV, or a dining space to have a romantic meal, to the sight of the sun rising and setting every day, all thrill-seekers will be happy with their serviced apartment that can act as a way to calm the emotions after a long day traversing the sights and pushing through New York crowds.

Transport Near Our One Bedroom Apartments in NYC

With the New York Subway connecting all parts of NYC together, all of our guests will be able to get around the metropolis with ease. While the rush hour is never fun and can lead to people feeling like sardines in a tin, nevertheless it is an efficient way to get from A to B. But we know that long commutes on the subway aren’t wanted every day which is why our ideally located serviced apartments aren’t too far from the stations either so quick and efficient transport can be had. 

Some of the subway stations near our 1 bedroom apartments in New York include the ones below:

  • Lexington Av-63 Street Subway Station
  • 72 Street Subway Station
  • Grand Central Terminal
  • 28 Street
  • Times Sq-42 St
  • Pennsylvania Station
  • Prince St Station
  • 50 Street Subway Station
  • 23 Street
  • 14 Street Station
  • 77 Street Station
  • 96 Street Station