2 Bedroom Apartments in New York

2 Bedroom Apartments in New York

Small families and groups that need an extra bedroom for their stay in NYC always go for our 2 bedroom serviced apartments. They have all the useful and essential amenities that make a house a home. All guests will be able to feel comfortable as soon as they open the door and live like they would in their own humble abode. And with apartments all over the city, they will be able to find the perfect place that will suit their needs. With many apartments to choose from, finding the right apartment will be super easy.

Our award-winning portfolio of serviced apartments is filled with bespoke living spaces that tick the many boxes of New York travelers. Be they here for business or leisure, small groups and families will be spoilt by the choice on offer. However, even our collection has top rated apartments that go above and beyond the usual units. The ones that are in a higher category, and have that special streak that can’t be found in other listings. 

Below are some of our top 2 bedroom apartments in New York that are suitable for families and small groups:

Facilities in Our Two Bedroom Apartments in New York

We’ve ensured that every 2 bedroom apartment in our collection comes fully furnished with the amenities and facilities that all small groups need when they stay with us in New York. A fully equipped kitchen means family and friends can cook and dine together, a flat screen TV can bring everyone together in the evening, free Wi-Fi ensures high-speed connection to social media networks and other content platforms, and cozy bed linens make the perfect night’s sleep possible for everyone. In short, the perfect family get-together and friend meet up is given an extra boost with our apartments.

Then there are the extra amenities that can be added at an additional cost or come free with the booking depending on the length of stay and what’s available in the apartment building. These amenities include a gym, sauna, spa and other assorted services that really make a stay in New York first-class.

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Where Can You Find Our 2 Bedroom Apartments in New York?

We know that New York is huge, and that each neighborhood carries its own characteristic feel. But not every part of the city suits all travelers. Some want a youthful and trendy neighborhood to relax with friends, others want somewhere quiet and safe for their family and others want to be in the business districts. Wherever our guests want to be, we can make it happen and ensure they are in a neighborhood or district that is suitable for the needs of their stay and group. 

These are some of the neighborhoods where our guests can book two bedroom apartments in New York:

  • Midtown West - Where so much of the attractions and allure of the city can be found, families and small groups that want the very best of New York in easy distance should stay here.

  • Chelsea - For groups of young professionals and leisure seekers, Chelsea’s trendy streets will be the perfect match for them. Hipster bars and a plethora of art galleries make it the prime pick for guests that want a lighter and car-free NYC experience.

  • Nolita - This charming and upscale neighborhood is suitable for all. It has popular sidewalk cafes, chic bars and trendy restaurants that will be more than suitable for brunch with everyone.

  • East Village - With a vibrant nightlife that consists of old bars, music venues, and performance spaces, this is where the youthful travelers should stay if they love late nights and hungover mornings.

  • Gramery Park - An affluent and popular residential area with brownstones and upscale apartment buildings, it has many bars as well as Irving Plaza that is a great place to hang out in for live music.

  • West Village - Full of designer boutiques, trendy restaurants and quaint streets, the vibes emanate from the streets and lure in the crowds throughout the day.

  • Soho - High-end art galleries and a host of designer boutiques make it an ideal shopping destination for those that love spending. Ideal for both families and groups.

  • Financial District - Corporate guests will want to stay here. With the likes of the New York Stock Exchange and other financial institutions taking up the skyscraper space around here, as well as high-end restaurants that are more than suitable for network meetings, this is the top spot to do business.

  • Murray Hill - One of the best picks for families, this characteristic neighborhood has top connections to the rest of the city and has many restaurants to dine together.

Attractions Near Our 2 Bedroom Apartments in NYC

There are legions of attractions in the city of New York, however, there’s not enough space to cover them all here. However, highlighting the best ones is super easy. Most of them are recognizable around the world, and others are the hidden gems that not everyone knows about. Art galleries, malls, parks, museums, markets, theaters and more are within the many streets and neighborhoods that make up the city. Families and small groups will have plenty to explore together. With our serviced apartments being ideally located throughout New York, our guests can be right near the sights and landmarks via a short walk or subway journey.

Some of the attractions that guests can find near our two bedroom apartments in NYC include the ones below:

  • Central Park - Plenty of walking space, horse carriage rides and a zoo make this huge green space what it is. It can be a group adventure or it can simply be the spot for a quiet walk in the moonlight and a morning run. However people choose to use the space, it’s a must-visit.
  • Chelsea Market - With plenty of foodie options and stalls here to satisfy everyone, this is a great break from the crowded museums and galleries that make up the list of attractions.
  • Rubin Museum of Art - Tibet, Bhutan and other Asian artworld exhibits dot the collection to make it a surprising rival to the likes of the Met and the Guggenheim galleries.
  • Whitney Museum of American Art - Another essential gallery, it specializes in 20th and 21st century American art and has a collection that includes 25,000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs, films and videos.
  • Broadway Theater District - Dramas, comedies and musicals can all be experienced in this ever-popular district of creativity. While tickets are never cheap, the experiences to be had here make it a top pick for those that love the performing arts.
  • Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum - The USS Intrepid, the USS Growler and the Space Shuttle Enterprise are the key stand-outs of this museum. It is broad in appeal and can be a great day out for all ages.
  • Times Square - No trip to New York is complete without a visit to Times Square. A group snap is essential. The hustle and bustle will be difficult for most to forget.

Restaurants Near Our Two Bedroom Apartments in New York

When small groups and families want a change from eating inside their serviced apartment, they can head to one of the many restaurants and eateries in the city. Each neighborhood has its own vast selections from American diners to noodle bars, French establishments, Italian restaurants, hipster burger bars and so much more. Whatever the taste buds of the family or group of friends may be, New York has every palette covered. Carnivores and herbivores will be more than satisfied. Plus, our collection of serviced apartments are situated close to some of the top restaurants, which means long walks or subway rides on an evening eating out are a thing of the past. 

A few of the restaurants that are close to our 2 bedroom furnished apartments in New York are:

  • Ophelia - A cocktail bar on the roof of the Beekman Tower that has an indoor/outdoor wraparound patio with nice views of Midtown and the East River, it has a cool menu to go with the cool views on the top and has a delightful atmosphere that most groups will enjoy.
  • Sushi You - As the name more than suggests, this establishment specializes in sushi and aims to please everyone with the delicate textures and flavorsome delights that it serves. All those that love this cuisine will find this to be one of the best places for sushi in the city.
  • Socarrat Paella Bar - This Spanish establishment is here for all those that love a good paella. And who doesn’t? The strong flavors and divine taste make it a remarkable dish after an exhaustive day.
  • Empellón - A fancy establishment with two floors, large tables, and a big shelf of white sculptures, the food may be a bit beyond some budgets but the dishes are so elegantly put together that it’s impossible to not want to pay a higher tier for such taste and design. 
  • Sakagura - Serving sake and Japanese food, some of the top things to order here include sashimi, soba, chicken meatballs, rice bowls and more. Sake, naturally, goes well with all the dishes, and in whatever combination they may be.
  • La Pecora Bianca - Serving outstanding pasta and dishes that will make the clientele fall in love with Italy all over again, this is a top spot for families and friends to break bread and indulge in scrumptious foods.
  • Los Tacos No. 1 - The best tacos in the whole of New York are served here. This will be a top spot for brunch for friends that want to take a quick break from the exploration and gorge on a tasty taco before heading off again.
  • Citizens of Chelsea - Avocado toast, salads and coffees make this spot a healthy alternative to the usual dining experiences of the city. It is a quieter spot for friends and family to congregate.
  • Empire Diner - Remodeled on a dining car, and complete with booths, visitors can tuck into a burger or roasted chicken when they want to take a break from the sounds and spoils of New York.

2 Bedroom Corporate Apartments in New York

When small business teams come to New York on business, they need somewhere that can function as a place of leisure at the end of the day, and for business when they need to work on their strategies and pitches. Our 2 bedroom corporate accommodation in NYC are aptly equipped so they have the relaxing atmosphere at the end of a long day and can eat, watch TV, read in bed and all the rest that they would do in their own home. The free Wi-Fi means they can work from home easily and not have to worry about heading into the office when they don't need to. Instead, they can open their laptop, sit on the comfy sofas and type away with a Nespresso coffee (or whatever) at hand. 

Two Bedroom Apartments in New York for Leisure

For those family adventurers or mates that want to simply enjoy the city and not think of their work, our 2 bedroom apartments also provide the sanctuary that they need. With all the amenities that families need to keep youngsters at bay, and that friends need for convenience and comfort, there will be no denying that our apartments put them in the center of the city and equip them for all aspects of their stay. From meal times to bedtime, they really are the exceptional and bespoke living spaces that thrill-seekers and quiet families need to complement the rest of their stay in the city.

Transport Near Our 2 Bedroom Apartments in New York

Getting around the densely populated city of New York is made easier by its subway system. While the rush hour is always notoriously bad, the convenience of the network is always admirable. Even to tourists, it is a lifesaver and stops them paying huge fares for taxis. Plus, to make things even easier, we have situated our apartments near the most essential of subway stations so there’s never going to be too much hassle.

Here are just some of the subway stations near our 2 bedroom apartments in NYC:

  • Lexington Av-63 Street Subway Station
  • 72 Street Subway Station
  • Grand Central Terminal
  • 28 Street
  • Times Sq-42 St
  • Pennsylvania Station
  • Prince St Station
  • 50 Street Subway Station
  • 23 Street
  • 14 Street Station
  • 77 Street Station
  • 96 Street Station