5 Bedroom Furnished Apartments in New York

5 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in New York

One of the largest accommodation options that we offer in New York City, our 5 bedroom serviced apartments are unique in their spaciousness, and in their facilities that they possess. For big families, groups of friends and project teams, they can be the ideal pick to make short or long term stays in the Big Apple a resounding success. Not only are they centrally located, but they also have the sleek and stylish design that makes them so attractive for guests of business and leisure, as well as those that simply desire a space to call home for a while. No matter who is searching for larger forms of accommodation, we can help them find what they’re looking for from a modern serviced apartment. 

As can be seen below, our portfolio is not so big when it comes to our 5 bedroom apartments. However, we are always on the lookout for more such apartments which can fill the requirements for huge groups. All of our apartments, including the one below, are fully furnished to the brim and can easily become the natural second home that corporate and leisure guests require for their adventure in New York. Having everything they’ll ever need, work and leisure will go hand in hand very easily.

Our 5 bedroom serviced apartments in New York include the following below:


Price Range




Microwave Oven
Washer / Dryer
Central Heating
Air Conditioning
Cots or Cribs
Work Desk
Private Garden
Secure Entry System
Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Gas Safety Check
Electrical Safety Check
Fire Certificates
Wheelchair Accessible
Onsite Restaurant
Pet Friendly
Smoking Allowed
Car Parking

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We have a number of other properties not yet listed on the site.

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That depends on the policy of the apartment/building management. You may have to enquire first when making your booking in New-York serviced apartments.

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5 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in New York

More About New York

Facilities in Our 5 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in New York

Our apartments, regardless of size and location feature all the utilities and facilities that every guest desires upon entry. After long flights across the world, families and groups can enter their 5 bedroom apartment and discover the ideal spot to unwind. Not only that, everything will already be set up so there will be no delay with getting onto modern living. The fully equipped kitchens ensure everyone can contribute to home-cooked meals, dining tables keep everyone together, the flat screen TV and channels will keep all entertained in the evening, the sleeping quarters will have cozy linens for all that want their own space and the free Wi-Fi keeps the group and family connected with others and provides its own form of entertainment. 

And then there are the additional amenities that come with particular buildings and booking packages that can take stays in New York from a standard to deluxe level of experience. From gyms to saunas, spas, pools, concierge services and so much more that could well be available, our guests can utilize a range of amenities at their will should their requirements be so. Families, friends and project teams can easily have the best of everything if they have such access to pivotal extras.

Where Can You Find Our 5 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in New York?

While our portfolio can only be found in one spot when it comes to our 5 bedroom apartments, we have included a few other neighborhoods that we’re looking to expand to at some point soon. Either way, each neighborhood of New York has its own unique character that sets it apart from the rest so that every family, group of friends and project teams can find the one that suits them and their disposition. Whether it’s one that is close to the top attractions, financial headquarters or in a quieter area, New York boasts many spots that can be the ideal location for any short or long term stay.

Our 5 bedroom apartments in New York can be found in Bedford-Stuyvesant, and we hope to have some available in the other locations very soon:

  • Bedford-Stuyvesant - One of the top locations in the borough of Brooklyn, this area has swathes of style and has a vibe that is difficult to emulate. With restaurants and other top attractions of Brooklyn dotted close by, it’s a top spot for families and friends to see why the bough is so popular with artsy and hip professionals. For corporate travelers, it has good access to the Financial District.
  • Upper East Side - The poshest part of NYC, it has soaring skyscraper residential buildings and has Central Park, The Met, luxury restaurants and so much more to offer. Families and friends that can afford to splash out can do so at their leisure here. Otherwise, it’s a top spot for corporate guests and financial brokers.
  • Midtown East - With Times Square and other key attractions like the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building not too far away, it is a favorite with families and friends that want most of the key landmarks in a short distance. 
  • Chelsea - Full of art galleries and foodie areas that will delight anyone with a broad taste palette, the neighborhood is by far one of the trendiest parts of New York and is an instant favorite with young professionals that want good vibes to go with their stay.
  • Financial District - An instant classic for corporate travelers, this neighborhood is built for them in mind. With financial and business headquarters ideally situated not too far away, as well as luxury fine dining restaurants, this is a business hotshot’s paradise.
  • Upper West Side - Another affluent neighborhood, it is full of great residential housing options as well as being close to the American Museum of Natural History, Central Park and an assortment of great restaurants.

Attractions Near Our 5 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in New York

With our 5 bedroom apartments being spacious enough, the city is spacious with all that it has to offer in terms of landmarks, sights and places to visit. There is much to experience and explore at a group and family’s leisure. Yes, there are all the usual spots but then there are those that need a bit more appreciation. Given that our apartments are currently situated within a Brooklyn neighborhood, the attractions listed are within the range of the accommodation, but the list will be expanded upon as and when new apartments of this variety are uploaded. 

These are the attractions situated next to our 5 bedroom serviced apartments in New York:

  • Brooklyn Museum - Showcasing the history of the borough and how it has taken giant leaps in liberal progress, it is a must-visit to understand why so many choose to call it home.
  • Fort Greene Park - One of the many green areas of Brooklyn, family and friends can bring a ball out, go for long walks or go for a run to get rid of the strains of the day.
  • New York Transit Museum - Visitors of all ages will be left inspired by this museum that’s dedicated to how the subway and other networks were built to get New Yorkers moving from A to B. It might not sound interesting but it certainly is.
  • Prospect Park - Another green space, this is bigger than Fort Greene Park and may be the better bet for sports, picnics and other activities for friends and families.
  • Prospect Park Zoo - While it can’t rival the one in Central Park, it can still amaze in its own way with its own collection of animals and furry friends to keep all ages entertained.
  • Brooklyn Bridge - One of the greatest feats of engineering and ingenuity, it is always crammed with traffic and people walking across need to avoid the cyclists who get every angry if people are stuck in their way. Not to be missed by anyone, and a snap with a view is also a must.

Restaurants Near Our 5 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in New York

Eating out in New York is part of the experience, and thankfully here are many restaurants that show off its diverse and inexhaustible palette. From the usual American diners and cafes to noodles bars, Mexican restaurants, Italian eateries and so much more, friends and family, as well as corporate teams, will have legions of places to dine at when they have a ravenous appetite to satisfy. So, when the groups want to head out and have a change from their fully equipped kitchen and stylish dining area, they can venture down the streets and the areas to find delightful additions to the NYC dining scenes. Given that our 5 bedroom apartments are only located in Bedford-Stuyvesant, the restaurants mentioned in our list are in that area. As our collection expands, so will the list.

Our 5 bedroom apartments in New York are close to the following tasty and scrumptious restaurants and diners:

  • Swell Dive - A Filipino/Tex-Mex establishment, this is where tacos are the go-to source of energy. With many varieties on offer that will wet the lips of any so-called restrained appetite, this is one to never miss off any list. 
  • Hart’s - A Mediterranean/American establishment, the menu changes daily and some of the dishes that have been served in the past include clam toast and lamb burgers. A must for those that love their fish and the taste of the sea.
  • Saraghina - With a selection of pasta, Neapolitan pizzas and small plates, this is a rare treat for those that love a good slice of the Italian peninsula. Indulging in all the favorites is simple, and the small plates really do hit home.
  • Samurai Papa - A great place for when the group splits to do other things, this small establishment is here to fill the needs of all those that need re-energizing through the taste of good and nutritious food.
  • L’ Antagoniste - A bit of Paris can be found in the heart of Brooklyn thanks to this Parisian eatery that has a host of Frenchie favorites and other assortments to entice any group of friends or corporate teams after a long day.
  • Chez Oskar - A French bistro, it has tremendous burgers that make it a neighborhood staple for locals and will do the same for visitors with good tastes too. Other than that, there are escargots and moules frites for those that want a bit of something else.
  • Toad Style - A vegan establishment with an addictive kung fu theme, veggie burgers, eggplant parm, and pizza fries with almond cheese are just some of the dishes that can be enjoyed and indulged here by all good-natured foodies.
  • Fancy Nancy - As fancy as the name states, it is a fine addition to those nights out that need a touch more class to go with the proceedings. 
  • Calaca - Another Mexican joint, tacos and more of the usual selections of this cuisine can be found 

Corporate 5 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in New York

Business travelers can be rest assured that these spacious apartments are built for them and their team’s needs and requirements in this day and age. They have the space for everyone to spread out and have their own sleeping space, whilst also having the utilities that can bring everyone around the dinner table and TV in the evening. Plus, they can be the ideal working space, with free Wi-Fi that can ensure the early commute takes a back seat, while the sofas and living area of the apartment becomes the new office space for the day. In short, the needs of modern business travelers are more than ensured with our unique designed corporate apartments in New York.

5 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in New York for Leisure

For families and friends that want a spot to call home for a few weeks will find our 5 bedroom apartments are the perfect extra companion for such adventures to the Big Apple. Each apartment is delicately furnished with everything that a family or group of mates need for times together and times alone. With free Wi-Fi for more entertainment and the dining areas to gather everybody together, they know what trips to New York are made of. Our apartments can keep short fuses at bay and create a homely space for everyone to relax and talk about the day they’ve had. 

Transport Near Our 5 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in New York

Big groups will be more than catered for in New York thanks to the range of transport connections, which include the infamous subway. It stops travelers and visitors from getting lost in the city. No more will families and friends have to get frustrated with each other when the subway is right there to help them get to where they need to get to. While our singular 5 bedroom apartment isn’t centrally located, it does have good access to the rest of the city so the demands for business and leisure are simple to manage. 

Our 5 bedroom apartments are currently near the following New York subway stations, but will be expanding to others very soon:

  • Bedford-Nostrand Avs Station
  • Classon Avenue Station
  • Clinton-Washington Avenues Station
  • Myrtle - Willoughby Avs Station
  • Flushing Avenue Station
  • Lorimer Station
  • Myrtle Avenue–Broadway Station