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Things to know before booking serviced apartments in New-york

There are over 14 serviced apartments in Columbia University Medical Center New-York with more being added every day. In total, has over 250,000 apartments across the globe that are waiting to be booked. Book Now .

The best 5 and 4 star serviced apartments in Columbia University Medical Center New-York are Manhattan Apartment. East 67th Street Furnished Apartment. East 86th St Serviced Apartments. Columbus Avenue Serviced Apartment. East 86th Street Apartment.

Prices start from £49 per night and increase from there. Bear in mind that the type of apartment and number of guest will affect the overall price. Book Now .

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Some of the apartment buildings in Columbia University Medical Center New-York will offer bed and breakfast or gym membership, whereas others may provide them with an extra charge. The apartment listing will make that clear. Other services include airport pick-up, meet and greet and so much more. Book your stay here for the full experience.

That depends on the policy of the apartment/building management. You may have to enquire first when making your booking in Columbia University Medical Center New-York.

Serviced apartments in Columbia University Medical Center New-York have all the features of home, are centrally located and have other astounding attributes that make them better than hotels, as covered here.

Top Apartments Near Columbia University New York

When patients, visitors, doctors and medical students need to be close to the Columbia University Medical Center, our award-winning portfolio of serviced apartments is here to help them with their accommodation needs so they can have the hospital not too far away and still have somewhere cozy and comfortable to come back to at the end of the day to rejuvenate. With the hospital itself being in proximity to the Upper East Side area, it means that all medical personnel, patients, visitors and students can have some of the top restaurants and sights in New York not far from their apartment.

Everyone who needs to be close to the hospital requires a living space that can stand in stark contrast to the hospital interiors that have graced their days. A homely apartment that can feel a million worlds away from the medical procedures, operations, hand-holding and studying that the rest of the day has been taken up with. No matter why our guests need to book our apartments, they will have fully equipped living spaces that will meet their needs. While our list isn’t huge, it covers a range of serviced apartments that are suitable for everyone.

Our top serviced accommodation near Columbia University Medical Center include the ones listed below:

More About New York

Facilities in Our Columbia University Medical Center Accommodation

Our serviced apartments are the cozy, bright and fully furnished spaces that our guests need, and give off the homely aurora that they definitely desire after exhausting days in the hospital. Upon entering, they will find a fully equipped kitchen that will be more than ideal for home cooking, free Wi-Fi that can connect them to other friends and family, a delightful bedroom that will be easy to collapse into, a living area complete with a TV and much more to enjoy in the evenings.  There are also opportunities to get access to a health center that comes with all the benefits of a gym, sauna, spa and more if the building or booking package offers it. While recovering patients may not want to use such things, others may well find them to be a beneficial part of the experience. 

Types of Accommodation Near Columbia University Medical Center, New York

At, we know that all bookings, even for medical operations or medical studies, come in different sizes. Not every apartment is going to fit everyone’s needs and desires. That’s why our award-winning collection is catered to all groups of people, be they on their own, or with friends and family. Given the options that we have available, any medical professional, patient, student or visitor will be able to book an apartment that is ideally suited to their wants and needs. Our portfolio is always the first choice for comfort and convenience in New York.

These are the types of Columbia University Medical Center apartments that can be booked by our guests:

  • Studio - Smaller and compact, these are the choices favored by professionals, patients and visitors that want everything in one place in a nice open-plan apartment.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment - The next step up, here guests can have the spacious feel of a studio apartment, but one that has everything cornered off for privacy and convenience.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment - For those that are bringing a small group, or have other medical students wanting to share, these are another great alternative for space and convenience.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment - Finally, these are for operational teams, multiple family members and groups of students that need to be in the same place and be close together during operations, surgeries and studies.

Attractions Near Our Columbia University Medical Center Accommodation

The sights and landmarks of New York are known all around the world. But for patients, doctors and medical students, these pinnacles of culture and history can be the change they need from long recoveries, a punishing operation schedule and long shifts at the hospital. Going out to art galleries, museums and parks can really add an extra dimension to those that are receiving care or administering the cures. That’s why we have situated our accommodation in close proximity to some of the top places to visit in the Upper East Side and other nearby neighborhoods. That way, everyone can have an exceptional experience no matter where they 

The following attractions are near our Columbia University Medical Center accommodation:

  • Central Park - One of the top green spaces in the city, it offers its many visitors with legions of space to walk around in the moonlight, run around during the morning run, or even to catch a horse carriage ride.
  • Central Park Zoo - With many wonders of the natural world hidden inside, the ideal antidote to the real world is never far away when an afternoon is spent here.
  • Rockefeller Center - A viewing deck at the top and much to explore in the building ensure that this gigantic building retains its spot as one of the top attractions in the whole city. Not to be missed by anyone who wants to enjoy the main sights of NYC.
  • Times Square - One of the must-visit attractions to see and hear the hustle and bustle of NYC, it’s not the most relaxing of places but it reminds people of why they’re here and why they love it so much.
  • Broadway Theater District - Many plays of drama, humor and music fill the district and will have audiences spellbound by the breadths of imagination on display.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Thousands of artworks are displayed here that show off the skills of the masters that have turned the artworld into the beacon of creativity that it is. Art lovers should not miss it.
  • Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum - Full of modern art and exhibits that range from all sorts of visual aids, it’s a remarkable collection and more than worth the sights of anyone who loves modern art.

Restaurants Near Our Columbia University Medical Center Accommodation

When doctors, recovering patients and medical students want to get away from the hospital food, they will find many top restaurants nearby that have a variety of scrumptious cuisines on offer. Naturally, being in the Upper East Side, not all of the eateries are going to be suitable for every budget, but for those that are willing to pay a little extra for a bit of class they will have many classy spots to choose from. And while our fully equipped kitchens give extra convenience, sooner or later guests will want a change of pace. As our apartments are centrally located, enjoying the best of the city isn’t that hard for any of our guests.

These are the glorious attractions that can be found near our Columbia University Medical Center accommodation:

  • Flora Bar - One of the best restaurants on the Upper East Side, this is a ravishing and delicious experience from beginning to end. The menu is extravagant, albeit a tad expensive for some tases.
  • Daniel - A fine dining establishment with a dining room and a lounge to wait in, this is for very refined and expensive tastes that love something a bit extraordinary yet ordinary for dinner,
  • Sandros - Roman pastas and lemon-y veal scallopini and other Italian assortments make this restaurant one of the best ones to head to when guests want to dive into the creams and textures of the Italian peninsula. 
  • Sushi of Gari - A luxury sushi expedition, this has many choices for those that love the acquired tastes of the dish. It may not appease all devouring eyes, but for those that adore a bit of sushi, it rarely gets better than this.
  • Angkor Cambodian Bistro - One of the best kept secrets of the eating world in New York, this Cambodian establishment is blessed with a menu that really knows how to deliver for all tastes and desires. Foodies better not miss if off their lists.
  • Uva - Another Italian restaurant in the neighborhood, it’s a simple yet classy joint that is affordable for those that don’t want to splash out and has the refined air for those that want to go somewhere special.
  • JoJo - A French restaurant, it has tasteful dishes, including one of the top favorite roast chickens in the whole neighborhood. When medical students have had a long week of shifts and study, this place can put a smile on their face.
  • Yefsi - A spectacular upscale Greek restaurant,  it serves the likes of zucchini chips, lamb souvlaki, and all the other greek favorites that keep people coming back for more scrumptious adventures.

Columbia University Medical Center Accommodation for Patients

For those operations that require a long period of recovery, or an interminable wait, our apartments are the go-to solution so that patients have a comfy and bright spot to recover or to prepare for an operation. Their fully equipped spaces mean that they will have much to help them feel at home, while the modern and sleek furnishings will lighten up the convalescence. Ideally located, the attractions and restaurants around the area will assist with getting patients into brighter spirits. For family members looking to help their relatives through the period of recovery, they will have all the usual amenities of their own home to acquire comfort, and they can have a change of scenery thanks to the nearby landmarks and sights.  

Columbia University Medical Center Accommodation for Medical Students

Studying to be a doctor or surgeon is no easy path, but we’re making it that little bit easier by providing accommodation that can be the right companion for the long journey ahead. With everything that a medical student needs, from a warm atmosphere to come back to after a long day of learning and working shifts to free Wi-Fi that they can use to study online if needs be and get more work done. As a second home, it can be the perfect study space and function as a place to return to so all the drama can be left outside.

Columbia University Medical Center Accommodation for Doctors

Last-minute operations and surgeries can be a pain, but are part of the job. When that happens, our accommodation near Columbia University Medical Center is ready and waiting so that doctors and surgeons can be at the point of call straight away and without delay. Plus, when all is done, they can have a relaxing apartment to go home to that is close to the hospital and avoids any long commute. With every need for modern living inside, every doctor can forget about the trials of the day, disconnect from the real world and unwind with no hassle at all on their mind.

Transportation Near Our Columbia University Medical Center Accommodation

When it comes to the New York Subway, most will picture the crowds that are part of the glory of rush hour. But what many many will fail to forget is how well it connects everyone to the perks and key areas of the city. Getting to landmarks is super easy and taxi cabs can be avoided. For patients, doctors and medical students, the subway is their ticket to get away from the hospital and see more of the city as a way to have a break or convalesce. Either way, our apartments are near the subway stations of the area so our guests and medical practitioners can change their day up whenever they wish.

These are the subway stations near our Columbia University Medical Center accommodation:

  • 5 Avenue 
  • Lexington Av-63 Street 
  • 68 St / Lexington Av
  • 72 Street
  • 77 Street 
  • 86th St
  • 96 Street