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A highly exclusive private park spanning 2 acres in the Gramercy Park Historic District and an equally coveted residential neighborhood in Manhattan, Gramercy Park is one of the best places to stay in the city. The neighborhood is situated within the Manhattan Community District between East 20th Street and East 21st Street. Irving Place starts from the southern tip of the neighborhood, going to Lexington Avenue and 14th Street. 

Intriguingly, the private oasis of 2 acres can only be accessed by those who have keys, making it one of the biggest subjects of interest for New Yorkers. The lovely surroundings complete with proximity to some of NYC’s biggest attractions make the area popular with business travelers, leisure visitors, holidayers, families and locals alike. 

Here are some of the Gramercy Park serviced apartments in NYC that you can take a look at: 

All our units are well equipped with fully functional kitchens and appliances for a comfortable stay in addition to complimentary Wi-Fi and cozy bedrooms to keep you relaxed and entertained alike. 

At, the reservations team will help you find the best Gramercy Park serviced apartments in NYC without a fuss. You can also browse through other accommodation options here. 

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Corporate Accommodation in Gramercy Park  

New York City is one of the world’s largest business, technology and industrial hubs and it is no surprise that it gets visits from thousands of corporates every year. Finding suitable Gramercy Park serviced apartments in NYC is always a good idea for corporate travelers. The neighborhood itself is safe, peaceful and ideal for connecting to almost all major business and corporate locations in NYC including the Financial District, Wall Street and other CBDs. Add to that proximity to major public transportation facilities and the convenience factor is unmistakable. Additionally, corporate travelers will appreciate the cozy and comfortable apartments on offer at some of the most coveted locations in the city. 

Holiday Accommodation in Gramercy Park 

Leisure travelers also seek Gramercy Park serviced apartments in NYC owing to the good connectivity to major points of interest, bars, restaurants, museums and several other fun attractions. We also offer serviced apartments that cater to every kind of traveler from solo tourists and couples to smaller or larger families as well. Our apartments come equipped with all necessary amenities to make stays more enjoyable in Gramercy Park while public transportation facilities are readily available for sightseeing as well.

Where to Stay in Gramercy Park  

There are numerous Gramercy Park serviced apartments in NYC that offer easy access to the biggest attractions in New York City. East 22nd Street is a buzzing and well connected location along with 3rd Avenue, East 19th Street, East 25th Street and East 18th Street. East River Road is a peaceful place to stay with a calming ambience of its own. 

Facts About Gramercy Park  

Here are some facts worth knowing about Gramercy Park:

  • Gramercy is commonly owned by those owning the 39 buildings that surround it from 31st December 1831. 
  • Two keys are allocated for each of the original lots near the park. 
  • Owners may purchase keys for fees accordingly. 
  • The locks are annually changed and properties withholding annual assessment payments for each lot will have their key privileges disbanded. 
  • National Arts Club and Players Club members and Gramercy Park Hotel guests have access along with the Brotherhood Synagogue and Calvary Church. 
  • Irving Place luxury condo owners may get key access through Players Club membership. 
  • The park opened for the public once on Gramercy Day which changed on a yearly basis. In 2007, the trustees decided not to open the park for the public anymore. 
  • Gramercy Park is the site of a former swamp which was bought by developer Samuel B. Ruggles in 1831 for building a charming green space. 
  • It was previously known as Gramercy Farm and the original design was by Robert T. Lyons. 
  • Hotelier Herbert Weissberg managed Gramercy Park for several years until Ian Schrager renovated it in 2006. 
  • In 2010, he sold his interest in the property accordingly. 
  • Irving Place is the site of several bars, restaurants and other establishments southwards from the park. This thoroughfare has Pete’s Tavern, the oldest surviving saloon in New York where O’Henry wrote his famous The Gift of the Magi

Cost of Living in Gramercy Park  

The cost of living in Gramercy Park is understandably high since it is one of the most coveted residential neighborhoods in New York City. Home prices have increased by approximately 34.9% here over the last 5 years. A two bedroom home that was sold for around $863,625 around five years earlier will easily command upwards of $1.1 million in the present scenario. Costs of living are higher by 44% in Gramercy Park than the average figures in NYC and 69% higher than the national USA average. Housing is 15% costlier than the national average while New York State income tax is 62% more than the national average. Median home prices stand at $1,618,200. For restaurants, entertainment and dining, costs vary from one establishment to another. 

Tips for Visiting Gramercy Park 

It can often be intimidating for those traveling abroad to a whole new place. However, a few handy tips will always be of immense help and assistance for travelers in this regard. 

  • You can explore nearby Greenwich Village or The Village
  • The locality is quite walkable while a short subway ride will help you access several neighborhoods. 
  • It is a quiet and peaceful locality and if you are staying at the Gramercy Park Hotel, you will get keys to the Gramercy Park gate. 
  • The western side of the park still has its charming homes from the 1830s along with gorgeous mansions. 
  • Pete’s Tavern is still around on Irving Place and was previously a hangout for writer O’Henry. 
  • The Marcel is a few blocks away with several office buildings, an art school, colleges and more. 

Things to Do in Gramercy Park  

Travelers venturing out of their Gramercy Park serviced apartments in NYC will find several things to do in and around the neighborhood. 

Q. What are the most popular things to do in Gramercy Park? 

Here are some of the most popular things to do here:

  • Visiting Gramercy Park is possible if you can access a key and this 2 acre lush oasis will mesmerize you immensely. 
  • Checking out the National Arts Club or Players Club which are housed in two imposing Victorian mansions opposite to the park. The latter is the city’s oldest club and both host exhibitions, performances, lectures, classes and other events regularly. 
  • Head to Pete’s Tavern, the historic establishment frequented by O’Henry for a delightful mix of heady brew and an amazing ambience. 
  • Visit Gramercy Theatre, the iconic music and cultural venue that opened in 1937. It has several acts gracing the stage round the year. 

Q. What are some free things to do in Gramercy Park? 

If budgets are on the tighter side, you can consider the following activities: 

  • Venture on free museum tours, covering the American Museum of Natural History and Metropolitan Museum of Art, taking in the rich history of the country. 
  • Watch subway and street performers in the neighborhood at the Union Square Station and throughout the MTA network. The parks also have ragtime and break-dancing acts. 
  • Experience free performances by students at the Julliard School. 
  • Take a walk through the historic Grand Central Station which offers free walking tours covering the famous galleries and murals. 
  • Head to the New York Public Library for special events and browsing through the vast collection. 
  • Spend a day picnicking in Central Park with your family members. 

Q. What are some family-friendly things to do in Gramercy Park? 

Here are some family-friendly attractions in and around Gramercy Park: 

  • Visit the birthplace of Theodore Roosevelt at East 20th Street and learn more about American history with special national tours. 
  • Take the family to Union Square Park which covers 6.5 acres and hosts the weekly Union Square Green Market. 
  • Visit the National Arts Club for a free gallery exhibition along with other special events. 

Places to Visit in Gramercy Park  

There are many special places that you can visit in Gramercy Park. Some of these include the following: 

  • Flatiron Building- One of the most famous and easily recognizable structures in New York City, the Flatiron Building is located near Gramercy Park and cannot be missed on account of its signature triangular shape. The building was developed in 1902 and the nearest subway station is 23rd Street. 
  • Madison Square Park - Getting out of the same 23rd Street subway station will also take you to the iconic Madison Square Park. Situated adjacent to the Flatiron Building, this is a charming sanctuary of greenery with a Shake Shack as well. 
  • Union Square - Union Square is a neighborhood that will delight you with its lovely restaurants, stores and even the beautifully designed park. 
  • Eataly - One of the most unique places to visit near Gramercy Park, Eataly is located near Madison Square Park and is an Italian hub of everything delightful. From cooking classes and cafes to top restaurants, you’ll be spoilt for choice here. Witness a mini-Italy right here in NYC. 
  • National Museum of Mathematics - A rather eclectic choice for visitors, this uniquely themed museum is one of the biggest attractions for culture buffs. From uncovering the key nuances of numbers to several other intriguing aspects, there is a lot to discover here. 

Places to Eat in Gramercy Park  

Staying in Gramercy Park serviced apartments in NYC naturally means that you will be situated in close proximity to several top restaurants in New York City. Some of the best picks include the following: 

  • Upland
  • Casa Mono
  • L’Express
  • Maialino
  • The Little Beet Table
  • Bar Jamon
  • Lamazou

Street Food in Gramercy Park  

Gramercy Park also offers ample scope for grabbing a delicious bite while you’re on the move. Here are some of the top street food options worth trying here. 

  • Russ & Daughters 
  • Best Bagel & Coffee
  • Vezzo
  • The City Bakery 
  • Los Tacos No. 1
  • 2nd Ave Deli
  • Rubirosa

Shopping in Gramercy Park 

There are plenty of shopping destinations in and around Gramercy Park, ensuring that travelers get a fair dose of retail therapy during their trips! A fact worth noting is that the Union Square Park transforms into a special holiday market that is quite similar to the holiday market at Bryant Park in winters. You can go berserk here, buying souvenirs, gifts, knick-knacks and even mouthwatering food. This is a great holiday shopping destination if you’re visiting in the winter. 

Some of the best shopping hubs in Gramercy Park include the following: 

  • ZTrend
  • Fotografiska New York 
  • Bash & Bow 
  • Amaaya
  • Karen Karch 
  • 2nd Time Around 

Transportation in Gramercy Park  

Staying at Gramercy Park serviced apartments in NYC will naturally help you access public transportation seamlessly without any hassles. Here are some of the transit lines that pass near the locality. 

The nearest subway stations to Gramercy Park include the following: 

  • 3 Av/E 21 St 
  • Park Av S/E 21 St 
  • E 23 St/Lexington Av 
  • Park Av South/E 22 St 
  • E 23 St/Lexington Av 
  • 23 St
  • E 23 St/3 Av 
  • 23 St
  • Union Sq

Weather in Gramercy Park 

New York City weather is diverse and sometimes unpredictable. The best time to visit is literally anytime since every season has its own charm. The weather may suddenly change and summer months may sometimes be exceedingly humid with soaring temperatures. Below-freezing temperatures may sometimes be seen during the long winter months as well. The summer season is when high temperatures are sometimes accompanied by common thunderstorms. Several special events take place during this time including outdoor activities galore. August is warm and less crowded. Fall is the best time to explore Gramercy Park and the rest of New York with lovely foliage, the amazing hues at Central Park and other parks and the better weather. October is one of the best months to visit in this regard or even September.