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Facts About Lexington

  • Lexington is the place where the Queen of England often vacationed. There are endless photos of Thoroughbred Racing and Len's End Farm. 
  • The famous Kentucky Theater and dance is on the main street of Lexington. 
  • Broadcast live radio was covered when Thoroughbred Man o' War died. 

Weather at Lexington

Lexington is in Kentucky, United States. The weather in the United States doesn't vary much from season to season. It almost has cold winds and snowfall during winters. The most popular times to visit Lexington are from September to October. During those months, stayers can catch early-to-mid summer humidity. 

Winters are also fascinating there due to the snowfalls. The places in Lexington have lovely views during the winters. This place is ideal for a photo shoot during spring and winter. Our Lexington short term rentals will be helpful. It has facilities that keep up with all the weather conditions.