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With more than 500 horse farms, stay intact with the natural vibes of Lexington. Picking a furnished apartment in Lexington can give a new direction to your trip. The quality of living at these equipped abodes speaks for itself. We also provide proximity to the sheds near the horse farm and the parks. Book the apartments that are no less than a luxury concept-based suite. Lexington has the aroma of positivity and is capable of offering a perfect break. 

If a business is on your agenda in Lexington, the place is perfect for giving it a shot. We have abodes for each type of traveller. Whether you are a solo traveller or a traveller with a group for leisure or business, the abodes are worth investing in. 

Our Top Furnished Apartments in Lexington

The furnished apartments in Lexington have an internal car parking facility. Visitors can feel safe with their vehicles. All the abodes are designed with high-quality wooden flooring. Each of the rooms in the apartment is completely air-conditioned. Each room has fresh quilts like feathers. We have also placed scented candles in each room to give you the sense of comfort of a home. You will get a high-speed internet connection without any obstructions for entertainment. 

One of the important parts of any roof is the kitchen. Get everything from gas hobs to utensils in our quarters. You will also get a dishwasher and every material for both cooking and cleaning. Maid services are also provided. 

The living room is the heart stealer of our abodes. The interior is both exquisite and peace-provider. It has a large open window where a team can gather and discuss the plans. For self-entertainment, you have a Wi-Fi connection and smart TV. Find daily soaps or a Netflix series that excites you. You may use rooftop services for morning yoga and evening walks. Rooftop services are chargeable in some but worth paying for.

Where to Stay in Lexington

Lexington's short term rentals are in all prime locations. You will find apartments in Murals and Taquerias. To make your stay top-notch and less travelling, we have our apartments in East Harlem. East Harlem is also known as Spanish Harlem or El Barrio. Another community like 103 St. is within 2 minute walk from the apartment. For park lovers, St-Central Park is in 15 minutes.

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Facts About Lexington

  • Lexington is the place where the Queen of England often vacationed. There are endless photos of Thoroughbred Racing and Len's End Farm. 
  • The famous Kentucky Theater and dance is on the main street of Lexington. 
  • Broadcast live radio was covered when Thoroughbred Man o' War died. 

Weather at Lexington

Lexington is in Kentucky, United States. The weather in the United States doesn't vary much from season to season. It almost has cold winds and snowfall during winters. The most popular times to visit Lexington are from September to October. During those months, stayers can catch early-to-mid summer humidity. 

Winters are also fascinating there due to the snowfalls. The places in Lexington have lovely views during the winters. This place is ideal for a photo shoot during spring and winter. Our Lexington furnished apartments will be helpful. It has facilities that keep up with all the weather conditions.