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Finding good accommodation in Manhattan is sometimes a challenge for travellers seeking higher privacy as compared to hospitality accommodation and reasonable rates. The best options for them are undoubtedly serviced apartments in Manhattan, which offer the best amenities and strategic locations for a more enjoyable stay in the city. These units also offer easy access to leading business hubs of Manhattan along with its tourist landmarks and entertainment hubs. Guests can take their pick from several kinds of apartments in terms of their sizes and configurations. These units also come with readily available service and support for greater peace of mind all througout the trip. 

Top Furnished Apartments in Manhattan

One of the greatest options for lodging are the furnished apartments in Manhattan. For those who only plan to travel briefly, they are perfect. The available flats have comfortable mattresses and well decorated rooms. The rooms are large, the bathroom is tidy and clean, and the kitchen is completely furnished. These apartments are situated in some of the city's best areas. Compared to a standard hotel, they are a better and more economical choice. There is a cosy feeling to the serviced flats as well. After a long day, this aids with your relaxation and renewal. The flats are luxurious and private.

Cost of Living in Manhattan

Manhattan, New York has a cost of living that is 74% greater than the state average and 127% higher than the federal average. Housing costs in Manhattan, New York, are 384% higher than the national average, and utility costs are roughly 3% higher. In Manhattan, NY, the cost of basic needs like food and clothing is approximately 35% higher than it is nationwide. Similarly, the cost of apparel is also approximately 35% higher. Dental and medical care are 9% more expensive here than they are on average in the United States. In addition, non-essential costs like entertainment and grooming services cost 35% more in Manhattan, New York. 

For most American households, housing is their largest expense. Rent and house purchase costs are included in the total cost of living in a certain city. In Manhattan, the average monthly rent is $4,768, and the average price of a home is approximately $2,486,094. Utility costs are associated with both owning and renting. These expenses cover necessities like energy and phone service. Monthly energy bills in Manhattan come to about $184.87.

The most essential need is food, which varies in price across the nation. The cost of common items including dairy, meat, and produce is included in this section. In Manhattan, the price of a bottle of milk is approximately $3.45, a dozen eggs is approximately $3.50, and a pound of potatoes is approximately $4.85.

Where to Stay in Manhattan

Manhattan is a vast area and there are several popular places to stay, as far as travellers are concerned. When it comes to finding the right furnished apartments in New York, guests can check out several neighbourhoods such as Midtown Manhattan (home to landmarks like Times Square, Central Park, the Museum of Modern Art, Rockefeller Centre, and others) and even the Upper West Side. The latter offers convenient access to many of these attractions along with the Museum Mile and the Madison Avenue stretch which is a major retail hotspot. 

Furnished rentals in New York are also available in zones like the Financial District and the Upper East Side. 6th Avenue, West 11th Street and Christopher Street are also options worth considering in this regard.


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Microwave Oven
Washer / Dryer
Central Heating
Air Conditioning
Cots or Cribs
Work Desk
Private Garden
Secure Entry System
Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Gas Safety Check
Electrical Safety Check
Fire Certificates
Wheelchair Accessible
Onsite Restaurant
Pet Friendly
Smoking Allowed
Car Parking

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Frequently asked questions

Things to know before booking serviced apartments in New-york

There are over 158 furnished apartments in Manhattan with more being added every day. In total, TheSqua.re has over 250,000 apartments across the globe that are waiting to be booked.

Prices start from £119 per night and increase from there. Bear in mind that the type of apartment and number of guest will affect the overall price.

Yes, we do have some apartments in Manhattan that allow pets. Some are West 20th Street Apartment, West 54th Street Apartment, West 24th Street-617 Apartment, W 34th St Apartment, Downing Street Apartment.and more

Yes. One of the greatest advantages of furnished apartments is the kitchen facilities. Microwaves and ovens allow you to cook what you want.

The various amenities that the serviced apartments in Manhattan offer are car parking, central heating, a lift, an onsite restaurant, a rooftop terrace, a private garden, television, a steam room, Wi-Fi, etc.

More about Manhattan, New york

Facts About Manhattan

There are several interesting facts about Manhattan, here are few of those:

  • Alfred Beach built a full-size prototype beneath City Hall when he was pursuing the idea of constructing a subway. It extended from Murray to Warren. He surprised everyone by unveiling it, and the public loved it. During the three years the route was open, almost 400,000 rides were made. Although it had exquisite Victorian-style terminals, the plan was ultimately abandoned.
  • A terrorist attack was also experienced by Wall Street in the year 1920. 38 persons were killed when a bomb detonated in the financial area. Historians believe Italian anarchists are to blame, but the case was never solved.
  • The five boroughs of New York City are Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx. One of them is Manhattan.
  • Upper New York Bay borders Manhattan to the south, the Hudson River to the west, the East River to the east, and the Harlem River to the north. Manhattan is an island.
  • Known as the financial capital of the world, the Financial District in Lower Manhattan is home to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and is a significant financial hub.

Weather in Manhattan

Manhattan is slightly hotter in the summer season, with temperatures going up to 20 degrees Celsius and even up to 30 degrees at times. However, the overall weather is still conducive for sightseeing and travelling. The winters are cold, with temperatures going below zero in the early parts of the year. The best months for trips are May and June or September and October.