Short Term Rentals in New York

Short Term Housing in New York

Finding a short term abode is tougher than you think. If you are thinking of making a quick Google search and randomly choosing the one with the most beautiful pictures roughly 3 days before your trip, you are getting yourself in a potentially very risky position. The stages and timelines that go behind choosing short term rentals, in such a huge city that you probably don't even know enough, are way denser than they seem to be. You need to have a clear itinerary, duration of your stay, find out if the broker is charging the right fees, if the rents are justified, if the company can even be trusted or not. If all of this looks way more than you can handle, you have come to the right place.

Our team at has spent almost years curating the most endearing serviced apartments to make them ready to use. Cutting you the extra costs, unfair securities, and with very fair and to-the-point pricing and list of amenities, our short term housing in New York are here to resolve all your insecurities and find that perfect temporary abode.

We have spent a lot of time finding the most attractive locations, restaurants, and experiences in New York. We have combined all that research analysis with our expertise in transforming an apartment into a home away from home. You will find everything from a lavish living room to a kitchen fully stocked for all your food needs, the most spacious bedrooms to ultra-modern furnishings. Whether you are looking for a business stay or an academic course has brought to you the beautiful city of NY, a family vacation, or a solo trip, our exclusive catalog of serviced apartments will be a perfect fit for all your living preferences. With so much to offer you, we can't wait to host you.

Some of our Most Loved Short Term Rentals in New York Curated with all the Love:

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East Village
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Gramercy Park
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West Village

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Types of Short Term Rentals in New York

Intending to provide an impressive range of apartments to choose from, we have made quite a few types of short term rentals available to our esteemed travelers. From studio apartments to penthouses, travelers with all budgets and tastes are wholeheartedly welcome to stay with us in this beautiful city of New York. 

Some of our major types of short term furnished apartments in New York include:

  • Studio Apartments - Studio homes are all about cozy compact spaces that are most convenient to accommodate, manage, and organize. When living in a new city, looking after a rented apartment is the last thing one would want to do. With a kitchenette, luxury bathroom, fluffy beds, and TV with a lot of other things, our studio range is irresistible.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments - When traveling with your partner, the privacy of a separate bedroom feels quite nice and intimate. You can lay around and chill on the living room couch all day while you bring food straight from outside or the microwave but sleep in the fresh bedroom with a fluffy bed to welcome you both. 
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments - When traveling with someone, the privacy of having a separate bedroom with a separate bathroom and a set of toiletries that you don't have to share is a boon in disguise. Have all the fun you want all day and head back to your separate abodes. You will also get the luxury of a lovely balcony in addition to the kitchen, TV, Wi-Fi, and much more. 
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments - This is the star type that is ideal for big groups of friends and family. You will get extra bonuses like complimentary coupons, options for getting separate beds if you want to, a whole dining table outside your kitchen, premium glassware and cutlery to give you that extra convenience of a premium stay. 
  • Penthouses - Expect all components of a lavish lifestyle. Whether it is your complimentary gym access, lift access, CCTV, the most expensive furnishings, rich bathtubs, or jacuzzis, the highest quality of mattresses and linens, you name it and these apartments will have it. Not to forget, you will get to wake up to the most gorgeous view of the city exclusively chosen by our location experts. Beat that!

Facilities in Our Short Term Housing in New York

Our furnished apartments in New York are all about feeling like homes as soon as you enter. From the touch and feel of the walls to the couch to your bed linens, everything should feel as soft and cozy as your own home here would. We have given extra attention to keeping ourselves in your shoes, seeing things how a tourist who wants to feel like a local here would want to feel. From the balcony view with a hot espresso freshly brewed in your kitchen to your gym schedule awaiting you, such is the comforting facilities we have included in our homes. We can already picture you sitting on our smooth but sturdy kitchen slab while your partner lovingly cooks for your special in-house date. That would be dreamy in a city like this, wouldn't it?

The eclectic list of amenities that make our short term rentals in New York stand out include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Balcony

Where Can You Find Our Short Term Rentals?

With due care and research that has gone into finding the best parts of NY, we offer the most affordable, attractive, and convenient places to live in as a tourist. We have come up with quite a handful that you can easily skim through without worrying about anything at all. From the ambiance of the neighborhood, places to see, variety of restaurants, and a wholesome experience even with the kids, you can be chill about it as we have already done that ground research to come up with the most elaborate choices, just for you. 

Our short term housing in New York can be found in the following neighborhoods:

  • Midtown
  • Chelsea
  • Greenwich Village
  • SoHo
  • Park Slope
  • Madison Square
  • Williamsburg
  • Hell's Kitchen

Short Term Corporate Accommodation in New York 

NYC has enough neighborhoods and opportunities to offer. This is why a good chunk of the annual travelers coming here have corporate commitments as their reason to visit. If you are one such potential traveler, we know exactly what you would need on your trip here. If 3 things could make the secret formula to a fine corporate stay in NY, it would be the rare combo of ultra-modern appliances, convenience to commute, and a good night's sleep. The Universe has heard you as we have the perfect formula for your successful stay here and we believe in showing over telling.

Short Term Rentals in New York for Families

From Bronx Zoo to the American Museum of Natural History, Children's Museum to endless parks and restaurants which let you have the best time of your vacation in the green heart of NYC, there cannot be a better city for a family stay. With such beauty and variety surrounding us, not offering you the most fantastic serviced apartments here would have been extremely unfair. We have made sure to bring to you the most comforting living experience with every amenity that a cozy stay with family demands. From spacious rooms, plenty of beds, luxury separate bathrooms, a wonderful kitchen for all your food needs, CCTV surveillance for your security, and a lot more facilities to welcome you. At the end of the day, we have made sure to do justice to our 10-year long experience because your family is our family, and we would love to welcome you in ours as well. 

Attractions Near Our Short Term Furnished Apartments in New York

From the Museum of Mathematics to that of Modern Art, the variety of tastes that this popular city encompasses is surreal. If work has brought you to NYC, we will make sure to get you to experience as much as we can near your chosen apartment. If kids are accompanying you or if it is a couples’ vacation, you are open to a lot of preferences when it comes to attractions. From the most legendary parks to nightclubs, ice rinks on Christmas Eve to billboards on New Year's Eve, our rentals will get you closest to what you want to see. From closer to the bustle to away from it in the posh residential areas, the safer and calmer areas to the green areas with brownstone houses or whichever area you name based on the attractions you wish to be closer to. 

Below are some of the listed attractions nearby which you must not miss during your stay in our short term rentals:

  • Central Park - It is the 5th largest urban park in NYC records over 38 million annual visitors. It has also been recorded as one of the most filmed global locations. Head here with kids or your partner and experience from up-close what makes it such a loved place in such a huge city. 
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art - I am sure you would want to see how the largest museum in the U.S. looks like. It is full of prehistoric gems that deserve to be admired in the present, the kind of artistic perspective it gives to your taste in art and history is phenomenal.
  • Statue of Liberty - This epitome of beauty, freedom, and enlightenment would be the last thing you would want to miss. It is the most iconic thing you will see in NYC. From seeing it in toddler books to witnessing it in-person, you will feel old after seeing it coming from overseas.
  • Times Square - Head to Manhattan’s heart and have the best time of your life. New Year's Eve or no Eve, this attraction is always lit like a Christmas tree every night. The cluster of restaurants, shops, billboards, and even more attractions here is overwhelming. 
  • Empire State Building - From getting hit by lighting every other monsoon week to treating you with the most magnificent NYC view, this is one of the most sought-after experiences and attractions here.
  • Rockefeller Center - Without stating anything obvious by going into the details of this legendary mini-city of NYC, the only thing we need you to remember is to go here on Christmas Eve at every cost. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Short Term Rentals

If no one has told you yet, NYC is always flooding with lots and lots of food to eat. From food fests to specialty restaurants, multi-cuisine ones to the ones with a bar, you name it and NY will present you with it. If you haven't managed to find the best feature of the food scenes here already, then you should know that it is the proximity of that plethora of restaurants from your cozy home. From breakfast to late evening meals, romantic Sunday brunches to corporate meetings, each of our abodes lets you be as closer to most of the neighborhood gems as possible. After all, you never know which craving hits you when. 

Some of the best restaurants near our short term rentals in New York near the most popular neighborhoods of NYC are: 

  • Song' E Napule - With a bright blue theme running throughout the cute eatery, this is home to comfort Italian food that feels like home. Expect everything from multiple kinds of pasta to pizzas baked in traditional brick ovens. It has healthy options, outdoor seating, and just 5 tables to accommodate. 
  • Da Claudio - With an all-white decor, an elaborate cocktail menu, small plates, and cozy ambiance, this is a very affordable and popular restaurant that you must try. The service here is stellar and the food is fresh and delicious.
  • The Four Horsemen - It is run by James Murphy and it enjoys the status of being one very popular restaurant serving a delicious spread. With friendly staff and hygienic spread, their weekend brunches are a hit among tourists and locals alike. 
  • Polo Bar - With rich seats made of rich leather to huge horse portraits, this concept-based restaurant is dreamy in its outlook. It was established by Ralph Lauren and serves juicy burgers with steaks. 
  • TAO Downtown Restaurant - Before you get to the lavish Pan-Asian spread, the marvelous interiors of the club-like restaurant will take your heart away. Crispy Rice Tuna and Salmon Sushi are its specialty and a must-try here. Lobster Wontons are great too.
  • Veselka - If food is what matters to you without all that additional bling and luxury interiors, this is the perfect eatery. The Ukrainian restaurant is an absolute delight with Borscht and pierogi as its stars on the menu. It is an ideal place for a Sunday brunch.
  • Trinity Place - If the idea of a bank vault converted into a restaurant excites you, this is your place to choose. Enter through the vault doors from 1904 into this restaurant with great American cuisine and vintage wooden interiors. 

Transport Near Our Short Term Housing in New York

The 5 major public modes of transportation in New York City include bus, subway, train, ferry, and the iconic yellow taxis. While the taxis are representative of the city across the globe, it is the MTA buses going through over 322 routes which are hands down the cheapest travel mode here. While the buses and the metros compete for being the fastest, the former is quickest for shorter distances and the latter wins it for longer distances.

Thanks to the very extensive NY Waterway system, ferries are a very popular mode of travel, especially between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Taxis are any day the most expensive but of course, the comfort is undeniable. However, the best part is that because of the fantastic locations that each of our short term rentals in New York provides, you can easily switch to a rented bicycle or even walk around to make the most of your immediate neighborhood.

Some of the common public transport stations near our New York short term rentals include:

  • 59th St Columbus Circle
  • Grand Central
  • 53rd Street
  • Lexington Av/59 St
  • CE at 50th Street
  • W 21st St
  • Mulberry St
  • Spring Street
  • 86th St
  • Chambers St