Studio Apartments in New York

Studio Apartments in New York

Find the best studio apartments in New York and that too in close proximity to some of the city’s hottest landmarks, business destinations and top restaurants, pubs and bars. Live in style at your own comfy studio apartment in the city, one that comes equipped with all the amenities that you desire while offering ample space to truly savor your time in the Big Apple. 

Our award-winning reservations team is always at hand to help you pick the best studio apartments in NYC as per your specific preferences. Find the best vacation solution for longer stays in the city without compromising on the location or amenities.

When it comes to finding furnished studio apartments in New York, you can pick from our vast portfolio of offerings nestled at various central locations in the city.

Some of Our Top Furnished Studio Apartments in New York:

These are but some of our studio units nestled strategically in various key areas of NYC. Get in touch with our reservations team and make your bookings today.

Why Book Our Studio Apartments in New York?

Studios are ideal solutions for smaller families or couples and even solo business/leisure travelers. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of having your own home in the city for stays ranging from a few weeks to months at a time. From ample space and privacy to the very best modern amenities, our studios are tailored to help you enjoy New York in style! 

You will find a plethora of options pertaining to studio apartments in the city and most importantly, enjoy the convenience and freedom that is radically different from conventional hospitality options. Round the clock management, support and assistance is a major plus point, helping address all your queries swiftly without any hassles.

Cost of Our Studio Apartments

You need not worry about the cost of the studio apartments in New York. We strive to offer apartment units at extremely reasonable and fair prices to all our guests. Peak seasons notwithstanding, we make sure that our rates do not cross over into exorbitant territory. With impeccable service and the best amenities, we focus on offering greater value for your money at all times.

Facilities in Our Furnished Studio Apartments

Here are some of the facilities that you can find at our studio apartments. These include the following: 

  • Air conditioning
  • Central heating
  • Business center
  • Concierge
  • Laundry services
  • Onsite gym
  • Sauna and spa
  • Swimming pool 
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi 
  • Flat screen televisions 
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Onsite security
  • Intercom system 
  • 24-hour Management 

Do keep in mind that amenities will naturally vary across apartments although every unit has its own special vibe and characteristic ambience. Every apartment comes equipped with all the facilities desired by contemporary travelers.

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Exploring New York’s Quirkiest Places

If you’re in New York City and want to do something out of the ordinary, then here’s a list of the quirkiest and best places that you can visit as a traveler. 

  • The High Line - The High Line is quirky, fun and pretty pleasing at the same time! With strong recommendations from fellow New Yorkers, the High Line is an elevated railway section that has been transformed into a cool green oasis with food carts, panoramic views and plenty of fresh air alike. In fact, many travelers may not even know that this place exists! There are events taking place here throughout the year as well. Check before you visit! The nearest subway stations to the High Line are 34 St Hudson Yards and 14 St/8 Av at the northern and southern ends respectively. 
  • The Ghostbusters Firehouse - Remember the iconic Ghostbusters? Get your fair share of thrill and adventure at the Ghostbusters Firehouse, complete with the iconic Ecto-1 Ghostbusters car. This fully operational fire station will amaze you right in the heart of New York. While you won’t be able to explore the interiors extensively, there are ample spots to take endearing snaps outside, including the wide collection of Ghostbusters themed street art. The nearest subway stations are Canal St/6 Ave and Franklin St/Varick St. 
  • Primrose Café - Quirk sometimes lies in the ordinary as Primrose Café proves! Nestled within a regular apartment, it is easier to miss this destination than to actually find it! Try near the Clinton-Washington Av/Fulton St or Lafayette Av stations and you’ll eventually make your way to this beautifully designed café with a wide selection of steaming beverages and tasty east. 
  • City Reliquary Museum - One of the most memorable experiences that you can have in New York City, the City Reliquary Museum is housed within a rather strange shop-front with a vintage collection of city artefacts. Venture inside and you’ll find a permanent collection of fascinating items along with the well-known rotating exhibit. There are souvenirs straight from the World’s Fair along with shrines for famous NYC basketball stars. The museum blog is itself extremely fascinating and serves as a welcome accompaniment to this rather quirky yet intriguing museum. The nearest subway stations are Bedford Ave/North 7 St and Metropolitan Ave. 
  • City Hall Station - The subway in New York has some of the quirkiest and often most fascinating places worth visiting. The City Hall Station was designed with lovely architectural touches with skylights, tile motifs and glass chandeliers. This is one subway station that doubles up as a landmark for visitors of sorts. The station remains closed to the general public although you can view it from a subway car. Otherwise, book City Hall Station tours if you’re a full-time member of the New York Transit Museum. There are a few exclusive tours every year and the mad rush for tickets means that you’ll have to be on the ball right away! You can get onto the 6 train from the Canal St station, venture through City Hall/Brooklyn Bridge and stay on the same as it turns around for its northward journey. 
  • Hess’ Triangle - Another quirky and strange place worth visiting, this interesting triangle is the smallest piece of land in NYC which is privately owned and with a fascinating history to boot! The brief lore is that a dispute took place between the City Government and David Hess, concluding with his objection towards handing over the last piece of land in his name. The triangle is found right outside a cigar store near the Christopher St-Sheridan Sq/7 Ave South stations. 
  • MoMath Museum of Mathematics - We’re talking about a full-fledged museum dedicated to mathematics lovers! The MoMath Museum of Mathematics will show you how fascinating and intriguing numbers can be! The museum is a vast playground of bicycles with square wheels, amazing sculptures, light shows and a lot more! The nearest subway stations are 23 St/Broadway, 28 St/Park Ave S and 23 St/Park Av S. 
  • Washington Square Park - Once you’ve had your fill of numbers and mathematics, you will probably desire a little relaxation and some fresh air alike! Skip Central Park and the other famous ones in NYC this time and head over to the lesser-known but equally pleasing Washington Square Park. There are various dog runs and playing areas along with a big fountain and a perfect zone for Insta-snaps at the Washington Square Arch. Come across in-built chess boards for some wonderful mind-games with fellow walkers. This is natural since the park corner indicates the beginning of the Chess District in Manhattan. If you need pieces to play, there are tons of shops nearby as well. The nearest subway stations are W 4 St- Washington Sq and also 8 St-NYU/Broadway. 
  • Whispering Gallery - This one’s straight out of a movie! Grand Central Terminal is an imposing destination in itself but if you have some time at hand, this is one activity you’ll want to indulge in. If you venture till the domed intersection at the lower level, you can test the Whispering Gallery (as locals call it) adequately. You’ll need a companion to have some fun. Stand in opposite corners with your ears placed separately over the tiles. Talk about anything you wish and courtesy the fabulous acoustic attributes of the structure, you will be able to hear each other clearly in spite of the milling crowds and din. This is possible even if you just whisper. Talk about quirk! The nearest subway station is of course Grand Central- 42 St/Lexington Av. If you’re unsure about finding the suitable spot, simply find the Oyster Bar restaurant which is located nearby.
  • Dinner in the Dark - After a day of a quirk in NYC, come down to Camaje Bistro’s innovative Dinner in the Dark. How does it feel to eat absolutely blindfolded? Quirky? Innovative? Thrilling? Whatever the case may be, you should not miss out on the experience at Camaje Bistro which has special events where customers dine with blindfolds and the menu remains a secret until the end of the meal. Diners can focus more on the smells, tastes and textures without distractions and sight. Such events take place quite a few times each month and you can check dates on the website of the eatery. The nearest subway stations are Houston St/Varick St and W 4 St-Washington Sq. 

Bonus Attractions

If you still haven’t had your fill of quirky attractions in New York City, here are some bonus destinations that you will absolutely adore! 

  • McKinney Stables - This huge complex for hoses was built in the year 1907 at Cuba and is the biggest concrete and cement building across the globe at 50 feet wide and 350 feet long. The original aim was accommodating trotters and prize show horses under the ownership of William Simpson. McKinney was his pride and joy and a skilled champion horse. The building was one of the largest fireproof structures globally in its heyday. 
  • Loews Paradise Theater - One of the USA’s biggest and last movie palaces, this was designed by noted architect John Eberson (synonymous with his creation named Atmospheric Style) who specialized in outdoor-esque ambiences housed indoors. It was once the 23rd biggest movie house in the country and the first show ran on the 7th of September, 1929. This was none other than the Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu. If you can still find the movie then kudos to your detective skills! 
  • Rod Serling Carousel - Rod Serling shot to fame with his Twilight Zone TV series and grew up in Binghamton. An episode titled Walking Distance was created on the basis of Serling’s own experiences at the carousel at George F. Johnson Recreation Park, Binghamton. A plaque commemorates this fact near this lovely merry-go-round. 
  • American Cutlery Museum - Non-affiliated to any manufacturer and perhaps the sole cutlery museum of this kind in the entire Western Hemisphere, this one’s worth a visit! Just be careful not to break anything here! 
  • Hunter Dinerant - You may ask the question once you chance upon this classic and vintage roadside diner at Auburn. The owners were possibly confused between making it a restaurant or diner. Hence, they apparently went for the unique Dinerant, making it a one-of-a-kind establishment by name in the USA. The founder Bob Hunter is the father of Neilia, the first wife of ex-USA Vice President, Joe Biden.
  • Marmaduke Statue - Fond of Marmaduke, the huge and lovable Great Dane created by famous cartoonist Brad Anderson? You’ll find the famous Marmaduke Statue in the city of Brocton. This was erected in 2016 and shows the famous cartoonist and his beloved creation in bronze. Marmaduke was once showcased in 500+ newspapers spanning 20 countries worldwide. The interesting fact is that Anderson kept drawing this acclaimed comic strip until he died at the age of 91.