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Facilities in Our United Nations Headquarters Accommodation

When it comes to our apartments, they are fully furnished with all utilities and facilities that many have in their own home. From a fully equipped kitchen, flat screen TV, free Wi-Fi, cozy living room, high quality linens and much more. Healthy home cooking, long nights in front of the TV and long sleep-ins on the weekend can happen here too. And some buildings will have access to gyms, sauna, spas and more to deliver a first-class experience,. Getting rid of the day’s stresses doesn’t have to be done in front of TV, it can be a hard run or a relaxing time. 

Types of Accommodation Near the United Nations Headquarters

There are many forms of accommodation that can be booked with us. From the usual studio spaces to the multi-bedroomed apartments that are more than suitable for larger groups of people, we ensure that our portfolio has everyone covered.

  • Studio - These compact spaces are more than perfect for the solo traveler that wants a space to themselves.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment - Next up are these apartments that are much like the former but can be more spacious and have all the usual amenities.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment - For a bit more space and more sleeping quarters, these are the next top pick.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment - Finally, these apartment types have all the usual facilities but also have much-needed bedrooms for larger groups to feel at home.

Attractions Near Our United Nations Headquarters Accommodation

There are many landmarks and sights in New York that bring in travelers every year. We all know them, and thankfully, the UN is located near some of the best ones in the city. When long negotiations take their toll, the best thing for anyone to do is head to the attractions that make up the city for a bit of relief from the pressures. With much to see in the city, this is not going to be difficult. Plus, with our serviced apartments being close to the main sights and the UN building itself, our guests will not have to travel far to bathe themselves in the joys of art, history and culture. 

Our United Nations Headquarters accommodation are close to the following New York attractions:

  • Grand Central Terminal - While it may not be the most attractive of landmarks, many tourists and visitors come here to see the train station that has graced the silver screen many times over and to seek inspiration and solace from the shifting crowds and appealing architecture.
  • Chrysler Building - This is another landmark but not one that can be entered. The top part of the building is where it gets its status. However, the best that most visitors will have to do is take a snap from the outside.
  • Empire State Building - One of the most important icons of NYC, it has appeared in many movies and has captured the imagination of architects and engineers everywhere. Heading to the top of the building, the views are simply exceptional and loved up couples can always be found proposing.
  • Central Park - The big green space in the center of Manhattan is a top spot for running, walking in the moonlight and taking a horse and carriage ride. Aside from that, it also has a zoo buried amongst the other activities dotted around the park.
  • Rubin Museum of Art - Featuring paintings, statues, textiles and more items from Tibet, Bhutan and many other parts of Asia, this museum’s rotating exhibits and esteemed collection are more than exceptional. 
  • Museum of Modern Art - Recognized as one of the largest holders of modern art in the world, the dedication and experience of the establishment in this field shine through in their incredible collection.  For art lovers, this is one gallery that’s not to be missed.
  • Times Square - One of the top spots that define the city and its vibrant, noisy air, this is where crowds clash and where traffic blasts. It might not be the most chilled place in the city, but it has much to show off.
  • M&M’s World - When guests want a bit of joy and chocolate, or to feel young again, then this is one spot to add to the list to add a new flavor to the stay.

Restaurants Near Our United Nations Headquarters Accommodation

When it comes to eating out in New York, diplomats and corporate guests will have plenty of choices when it comes to those lengthy discussions on stocks and shares or world peace. Whether they choose to eat in a group or choose to have lunch in solitude while they plan a new strategy, the restaurants in the city, and the area around the United Nations Headquarters, offer a range of scrumptious and tasty cuisines that are as global and worldly as the UN itself. Plus, there’s nothing like taking a business colleague or fellow diplomat to a restaurant to talk things over in a less formal capacity. It’s a chance to really iron out the details. So, when diplomats and corporate travelers want a change from cooking in their furnished apartment, they can wander around the nearby streets and see what tickles their appetite after a long day of negotiations, deals and many compromises.

Some of the top restaurants near our United Nations accommodation include the delicious and scrumptious ones below:

  • Agern - This upscale Scandinavian establishment, which can be found inside Grand Central Terminal, offers the likes of a seven-course tasting and a variety of Nordic-themed food ranges, including sunchokes with rye porridge to dry-aged duck with cabbage and hay. 
  • Wokuni - For those that like omakase sushi, then this is the go-to spot. The clientele can enjoy sushi or sashimi combo, and yakitori skewers. The high quality fish makes it a must-visit for the hungry souls that love this delicate dish.
  • Cafe China - While it may always be packed, this establishment is still worth waiting for a table. Serving some of the best Sichuan food in Manhattan, the portions are large and the menu offers all the regular favorites including new dishes like spicy diced rabbit and mapo tofu. Everyone can be happy when they dine at Cafe China.
  • Aburiya Kinnosuke - An upscale Japanese restaurant, it specializes in meats cooked on a robata grill, and serves the likes of hanger steak with ponzu and chicken meatballs with a poached egg. For the vegetarians and vegans, there is always tofu dishes to satisfy their moral compass.
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar - Opening in 1913, customers have several different seating options, like bars, U-shaped counters, and table sections. Other than that, the atmosphere is pretty hectic so oyster lover better love their queues too as it can take a while in rush to get served.
  • Prova Pizzabar - A takeout pizza counter in the Grand Terminal Station, this is the place for people to go for a quick eat when they’re on the go or are late for the ambassador meeting. It is not the most scrumptious of places but it can certainly be one of the most convenient.
  • Docks Oyster Bar & Seafood Grill - Fish tacos, oysters, bottles of wine, beer and more can be indulged here. It’s not that pricey either so it can be a relaxing place to eat and affordable for all when the longs days need a satisfying end. Reliable, tasty and not a drain on the bank account. Perfect.
  • The National - Visitors that love bar bites like chicken wings and meatballs to large plates like branzino and steak frites will find this establishment to be right up their alley when their appetite is craving for fulfillment.
  • Hatsuhana - A smart sushi restaurant in Midtown East, this is an affordable but stylish place for business lunches that require a bit of finesse. While sushi may not be for everyone, it will more than ideal to add some class to business and diplomatic discussions
  • Benjamin Steakhouse - Those that love the steakhouse traditions will be more than happy to come here in the evening for some top grub that will hit ever flavorsome pore. No matter what is ordered on the diverse menu, visitors will more than likely feel swamped by all the flavors and texture of the meal.
  • The Palm Too - This establishment hasn’t changed much since it open in 1973. its old fashioned aurora makes it the popular and classic restaurant that it is. Their lightly charred steaks are exceptional, and while it may be a tad pricey for some budgets, it offers enough taste and finesse to make it more than worthwhile for those that want to dine the old way. 

United Nations Headquarters Accommodation for Diplomats

If anything, our accommodation is perfectly designed for diplomats. They are centrally located to the UN and have all the resources of modern living and diplomacy that they’ll ever need. Our apartments will become the companion to the long negotiations and discussions as well as being the spot for long nights writing speeches and conducting research using the free Wi-Fi. Sleeping, working, relaxing - all of these things are simple and easy when staying in our collection of enviable serviced apartments.

United Nations Headquarters Accommodation for Corporate Travelers

Not everyone who wants to stay near the UN is a diplomat. Some are corporate travelers that want to be in the area for other forms of business and deal-making. They want an area suitable to wind down from corporate life but also somewhere that can function as a place to work when needs be. With free Wi-Fi and all the other homely amenities that they’d find in their own home. Work and leisure can go hand in hand when they book our accommodation.

Transportation Near Our United Nations Headquarters Accommodation

Everyone knows about the New York Subway. It is the marvel of engineering that plays a prominent role in the lives of every New Yorker and tourist. While its rush periods may be loathsome for some, there isn’t a better way of getting across the city than using this method. Taxis are too much and can take a lot longer to get from A to B. The subway, on the other hand, is speedy even if it can be too crowded for some. Diplomats and corporate travelers that need to get to the boardrooms and ambassador meeting will find it to be a good ally when time is running out. As we recognize that it is essential be near the stations, we have placed our apartments in close proximity to the subway stations near the UN so every guest can access the world’s most pivotal institution with ease. 

The subway stations near our United Nations Headquarters accommodation include the following:

  • Lexington Av/53 Street
  • Grand Central Terminal
  • 33 Street
  • 28 Street
  • 23 Street
  • Lexington Av/59 Street