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West Village Apartments for Rent

If you are overwhelmed with your schedule and need a short break, our furnished apartments in West Village have a lot to offer. Every corner of these abodes from us comes with top-notch interiors and elaborate comforts. You will find some trendy spots near the apartments as well. The travel time within and across the region will be reduced because we got our majestic abodes everywhere in the West Village. 

Travellers on business trips often struggle with the longer durations of their stay as they miss the comforts of home in cold hotel suites. We got it covered for you that too in a budget. Read further to know what we have in store for you.

Our Top West Village Apartments for Rent include:

The luxury selections with us feature state-of-the-art conveniences. In each of the home-like accommodations, you'll find a fully functional kitchen. Equipment such as an oven, toaster, dishwasher, and large refrigerator are all present. Any apartment-seeking guests will miss home immediately upon returning. To ease this anxiety, we worked closely to ensure that the house met all specifications. We have a comfortable bedroom with a hot shower and a super-soft bed. Locate a comfortable place to lie down and let your fatigue melt away.

Private amenities like a swimming pool and fitness center add a sense of fun. Wi-Fi and a flat-screen TV are available inside for guests' viewing pleasure. Indulge in the available panorama by yourself or with friends now.

Where to Stay in West Village

This place is famous for its historic bar. It hosts different shows and events in the gay community. The name of the bar is The Stonewall Inn. You can reach the venue by walking 5 minutes from our West Village apartments for rent. Another place that is high-rated in the West Village is Village Vanguard. The place is famous for legendary jazz. 6th Avenue and 11th Street keep you closest to these spots.

To bring out the best from your stay, we have placed a "Where to Go" brochure in each room. Stayers can look at the paper set and find the best spot to spend their day. 

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Facts About West Village

West Village's history is quite rich as an influential and renowned neighbourhood in New York.

Here are a few facts to excite you about your search for West Village apartments for rent:

  • Washington Square Park is the must-visit civil site of unrest in the past 50 years. The park is famous for its protest of public interest. 
  • Chumley's is the most influential location of the 19th and 20th centuries. 
  • West Village resides with 30 award-winning celebrities.
  • West Village has a historic arrest track record. 
  • You will find the home of noteworthy poets here. You may find the ones of Edgar Allan Poe and E.E. Cummings here. 

Weather at West Village

The ideal time to visit this location is from April to June. West Village has a cool vibe and includes mild chills. The winters are not freezing here, but the summers are hot. The furnished apartments in West Village have the equipment to provide ease for all weather. The rain here is frequent and occurs around the year.