2 Bedroom Apartment Newcastle

2 Bedroom Apartments for Rent in Newcastle

Newcastle is a scenic city built of architecture, marketplaces, and thrilling nightlife. Making it an ideal destination for travelers and thus, 2-bedroom apartments in Newcastle. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling solo, couple, or with family. Our apartments are ideal to offer you enough sp ace to relax and chill. Have a separate living room to bond with your family and enjoy the stay. While you can also allot separate room for them and yourself to relax at the end of the day. Our apartments are home to a spectrum of amenities. Hence, taken clearly as a symbol of leisure around Newcastle.

We always have your beck and call. Just request any service and get it the next second. Our amenities range from entertainment, and en-suite bathrooms, to a kitchen. Whether you need it right away or not, our amenities are open once you walk into your apartment.

Our Best Two Bedroom Apartments in Newcastle

Our apartments are sophisticated with amenities that are certain to make you carefree. We are based close to various business centers, marketplaces, and tourist attractions. So only bother choosing the best location for yourself based on this. Once you choose the location, locate our premium apartment and leave the rest to us. Request for a pick-up and drop service from the airport and travel hassle-free. Our hospitality specialists take good care of our guests to make them feel special. We have shortlisted our best two-bedroom apartments in Newcastle for your convenience:

  1. Thronton Street - Newcastle
  2. Grainger Street
  3. City Quadrant
  4. Knightsbridge Court
  5. Ralph House
  6. Malvern Road

Apartments at TheSqua.re are spacious and give plenty of space for everyone to settle down. Arrange your belongings with ease with our furnished wardrobes, desks, and other essentials. Get the necessary appliances and amenities for your bedroom and bathroom. Our apartments also offer free Wi-Fi for your important meetings.

Facilities in Our 2 Bedroom Apartments in Newcastle

Facilities at our apartments make us stand out. Consider yourself carefree the second you book your stay with TheSqua.re. We have dozens of facilities to spoil you for your entire stay. For entertainment, enjoy your lazy evenings watching interesting shows on a flat-screen TV. If you are traveling solo, invite your new friends over and host a barbecue party. If you are traveling with your family, prepare a healthy meal and chit-chat to pass your day. Our fully equipped kitchen comes with appliances and ingredients you'll ever need. Not to forget, Newcastle is the place for a variety of tastes.

Not to forget, Newcastle is filled with expensive food bills as well. Our 2 bedroom apartments in Newcastle allow you to avoid expensive food bills. We are also a great supporter of fitness and provide complimentary gym facilities. You can also bring your pets to travel and create beautiful memories together. We understand traveling can be tiring and you cannot devote any minute to cleaning. Thus, we provide maid services that will clean your apartment when you are busy exploring.

Focusing more on saving your time and hassle at the time. Also, don’t stress to wash your clothes yourself when you can just request laundry. Just mention what would you like your clothes to have and get it done. You can also find a dedicated work desk to accommodate your work and even conduct meetings. Even, our two bedroom apartments in Newcastle also lets you book a meeting room. So you can invite your fellow mates and prepare something amazing. So, what are you waiting for? Book yours now.

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