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Newcastle upon Tyne has a significant history in business and economics. Thus, business and leisure travelers often need studio apartments in Newcastle upon Tyne. Our premium abodes enable them a quality stay. This includes staying with all the premium necessary amenities. Our rental-based fully-furnished apartments offer Wi-Fi and TV for everyday work and entertainment. For home-like comfort, laundry, maid services, an onsite bar, and gym add a new layer of experience. A complete kitchen with appliances and cooking ingredients work as a huge differentiator. that make one feel like a home away from home. Solo travelers or even couples can relax in our studios and feel welcomed in this city in England.

Our Best Studio Apartments in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Travelers often find it hard to pick a reliable accommodation in a whole new city. Traveling to a country you are not very familiar with is very intimidating to say the least. Our abodes are right here to your rescue.

If you choose to rent a studio in one of England's newest developments, you can look forward to a lot of benefits. It's challenging to pick the best properties for facilities, service, and value. All these modern living spaces are designed and built to be social. There are gyms, spas, shared work areas, lounges, and terraces on-site.

This list is based on what the people who live in our top 10 new luxury apartment buildings say about their experience:

  1. Buxton Street Newcastle

Why Should You Book Studio Apartments for Rent in Newcastle Upon Tyne?

A studio-serviced apartment is the best choice for a solo or a couple trip to save money and have a quality stay. It also stands ideal for someone who enjoys living in a space that is open and airy. These studio apartments for rent in Newcastle upon Tyne have many features that are rare to find. For example, differences between studio-serviced apartments and hotels are minute. Yet the flexibility to use all the apartment's amenities is a major attraction. They are shorthand for furnished apartments of various sizes and are affordable. You'll have access to all you need during your time there.

Facilities in Our Studio Serviced Apartments in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Living spaces need a homey vibe to help people feel comfortable. TheSqua.re studio apartments in Newcastle upon Tyne provides economical, hassle-free stays. Staying in a studio service apartment in London is a great way to avoid the hassle of being in a congested city.

When there's more room to move about in, it feels more relaxing. These studios include entertainment, bedroom and bathroom, kitchen, safety and security, and accessibility. You are free to use the devices for your benefit and are not required to care for or maintain them. The general facilities revolve around central heating systems or air continuing. These facilities keep you comfortable and cozy throughout your stay.

Apart from this, if you need to treat yourself and cheer up, an extra bed and BBQ will be on your beck and call. En-suite bathrooms at TheSqua.re include Hypnos beds, bath towels, a hair dryer, and a bathtub. Have a relaxing session by cleaning yourself up and getting ready for a meal. TheSqua.re studio apartments for rent in Newcastle upon Tyne offers hassle-free experiences.

Besides this, you can also have a maid to clean your room. Prepare healthy meals in the kitchen. It comes with all the appliances and materials to save money on expensive bills. You can watch TV on a flat-screen, play games on a console with a fast Wi-Fi connection, or work out in a gym. With this, you can also work remotely as well. To sum it up, our studio apartments in Newcastle upon Tyne have got dozen more quality facilities. We aim to deliver a quality lifestyle to the best of our experience.

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