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Through the various historical information we know, built on the right-bank site of the 12th-century Fortress of Philip Augustus was named Louvre, in full- Louvre Museum or French Musée du Louvre or official name French Grand Louvre or Great Louvre. Various sources and reviews have declared that the National museum and art gallery of France is the largest palace in Paris. However, it is said that the Louvre is one of the world's most visited art museums with a collection that spans work from ancient civilizations to the mid-19th century. 


Now the very famous, Francis I, was a great art collector. In the year 1546,  his old castle was razed and he began to build on its site, the royal residence. Well known and very popular Louvre was added to by almost every subsequent French monarch. Through history, we know that Francis I only had a small portion of the present Louvre under him. It was completed under the architect Pierre Lescot, however, the original section is today, the southwestern part of the Cour Carrée. By the 17th century, major additions were made to the building complex by Louis XIII and Louis XIV. 


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All the available Louvre Serviced Apartments are known to be one of the best and well equipped. The apartments come with their furniture and a well-equipped kitchen, which you can use at any point of the day. You can cook some lip-smacking and delicious food and dishes at any given time and enjoy yourself in the apartment. The luxury apartments in Paris are beautifully decorated and the walls are painted perfectly as well. The view from the apartment is also known to be very beautiful as you will get to see the museum from here. You will have a lovely stay. Lastly, you will like to come and stay here when you visit Paris because the hospital that they provide is amazing as well.

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If you are here at the Louvre, you have to visit the museum. The Museum has thousands of artworks displayed across a vast expanse of 73,000 square meter exhibition space, divided into three sections. They include the Denon, Richelieu and Sully wings in a magnificent building that was once the palace of French Kings. Any person visiting this place will have an amazing time here and you should visit this monument because this is the main attraction of the whole place. You will also notice that each wing has more than 70 rooms displaying paintings and objects of art. Plus there are enormous halls filled with sculptures. It is a must-watch for anyone staying here.