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More about Kathu, Phuket

 Facts about Kathu 

A short vacation in Kathu is recommended, but not without some backstory. Some important facts about the area to excite you about our pool villa in Kathu are: 

  • Kathu is the iron ore capital of Northern Cape Province. 
  • The Kathu is named "town under the trees" after the Camel Thorn forest. 
  • The camel thorn tree in the Kathu forest is a speciality of the place. The forest is about 4000 hectares in size.
  • Kathu has one of the world's largest open-cast iron ore mining operations. 
  • For recreation, Kathu has a sports complex with a tennis court, swimming pool and golf course. 

Weather in Kathu 

As Kathu is in Phuket, surrounded by the Andaman Sea, it is all about a coastal atmosphere. The beach area of Kathu receives a blend of hot, oppressive, and windy weather. Kathu supports all the required amenities to provide ease in each weather. Our pool villa in Kathu has long windows to enjoy the beach view from the villa. The best time to visit Kathu is considered from February to late April.