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Reading invites visitors to its enormous IT business potential. The IT sector of this location is full of opportunities. Short term rentals in Reading are best for business tycoons. The abodes are near the IT Sector and have supporting amenities. Our dwellings represent compact and essential travel accommodation options.

This is also an ideal destination if you are up for a long or short vacation. The space has comfort to make your stay relaxing. We also have top-notch supporting facilities for making your stay a memorable one.

Our Best Short Term Furnished Rentals in Reading

Short term furnished rentals in Reading bring peace to your vacation. The short term abodes are surely a smart choice as per both budget and convenience. Choices like comfortable bedrooms, a productive kitchen, luxury bathrooms make a big difference. The quality of living at this fairly new travel accommodation concept is backed with high ratings. Some reasons make our apartments stand out from others. There are different parameters for different guests, from luxury interiors to the kitchen. It can be the balcony area or a general sense of security.

We have our apartments scattered in all the locations. A curated portfolio is dropped below to make your apartment choice easy in Reading. Some of our short term rental apartment in Reading include:

  1. Victoria House
  2. Castle Crescent
  3. Queens Road
  4. Hunters Wharf
  5. Blakes Quay - Garden View
  6. Blakes Quay Wharf View
  7. Gweal Place
  8. Mayflower Court
  9. Faculty Apartments On London Road In Reading
  10. Projection West

1 Month Accommodation in Reading

One month is enough time to weave a lot of travel memories. While having 1 monthly tour in Reading, you need your accommodation to deliver quality. Enjoy the sensational morning and evening views in our short term furnished rentals in Reading. For the ones who get homesick, we have some indoor games and pool access to entertain you. You may also find solace in those wekly Netflix binge-watch rituals.

Why Should You Book a Short Term Rental Apartment in Reading?

A business tour needs some vibe of vacation as well. While staying in a short term rental apartment in Reading, you will get access to an elaborate home-like setting. While staying in our apartments, entertain yourself or conduct meetings with our high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity. We are placed in the best parts across Reading. Complete your business agendas and long itineraries without spending time travelling.

Facilities in Our Short Term Furnished Rentals in Reading

The apartments are curated according to the requirements of the travellers. Our purpose is to improve your stay and make it as fulfilling as possible.

The living room is a therapeutic area. It has an open pane window for one to gaze at and absorb nature. One can easily work-from-home even on the balcony.

We have an equipped kitchen to bring out your passion for indoor cooking. It includes a toaster, cutlery, utensils, oven, and fridge. You can also avail yourself of access to the laundry room with extra charges.

The apartment from us has a Wi-Fi facility with a flat-screen television of 42 to 50 inches. We have warm cosy beds for one to sleep in. The apartment has electrical safety checks and smoke alarms. You can get in touch with the management 24x7. We are eagerly waiting to welcome you to the best parts of the city with our serviced apartments in Reading ready with endless amenities.

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