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TheSqua.re in Al Murabba offers a wide variety of accommodation options to the guests visiting the city. Serviced Apartments in Al Murabba are particularly popular among visitors. They boast top-notch modern amenities and fall well within the expectations of the guests. Al Murabba is a suburb in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. It lies at an elevation of 584 meters. The neighborhood is popular as a place of interest. It houses glorious treasures and landmarks from history. It is also a bustling business center in the town.


Top serviced apartments in Al Murabba:


Serviced apartments in Al Murabba are the perfect choice for tourists traveling for business, leisure, or long stay. They are designed in a way that provides the utmost privacy and comfort guests seek. All these apartments feature air-conditioned bedrooms, luxurious bathrooms, and a kitchenette. Some of the other amenities you will find are TVs, free Wi-Fi, gym memberships, rooftop decks, minibars, etc.


These apartments may also offer car rentals, and cleaning services for a minimal fee. You can connect with the staff for more details on the availability of these facilities.


Where to Stay in Al Murabba:

Lies in Riyadh, Al Murabba is populated and always crowded. It houses many international eateries, restaurants, malls, and departmental stores in and around Al Murabba. This neighborhood is very central and accessible. Yet, staying in proximity to commute facilities is the best choice. Al Jazirah, the City center, Al Olaya, and Al Ain are some of the neighborhoods in Al Murabba where you can choose to spend your holidays.

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Bathroom amenities
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Facts About Al Murabba:

Al-Murabba offers excellent cultural and historical experiences to guests. We make it special by hosting luxurious stays here. Below are a few interesting facts about Al Murabba you may not know:

  • The neighborhood is named after the Al Murabaa Fort. It was built by His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan in 1948.
  • Al Murabba celebrates the well-known Al Murabaa Heritage Festival every year. Guests enjoy the rich culture of the UAE.
  • Al Murabba houses many glorious monuments with captivating pasts of Saudi Arabia. Some popular tourist attractions are Murabba Palace and Murabaa Heritage Fort. The National Museum of Saudi Arabia and King Abdul Aziz Library are fine too. It is the former home and court of the founder of modern Saudi Arabia.


Weather in Al Murabba:

The weather in Al Murabba is cold and rainy for most of the year. Our serviced apartments Dubai in Al Murabba ensure comfort in the abodes all across the year. The climate is colder than in other tourist destinations. June, July, and August are the hottest months of the year. Al Murabba is at its best during this period for travel. July is the warmest month. The temperature often touches 65.9°F. Temperatures rarely fall below 50.9°F during the night. With so much to experience, our team awaits to host you in Dubai.