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Furnished Apartments for Rent in Olaya Riyadh

Olaya or Al Olaya is a prominent area in Riyadh. Business and leisure travelers stay here throughout the year. Choosing furnished apartments for rent in Olaya Riyadh is a good decision. You will find several options for nearby apartments in the locality. 

Here are some of our top serviced apartments Olaya Riyadh

Every one of our Olaya Riyadh apartments comes with the best amenities. You can cook your meals in well-equipped kitchens. You can also expect amenities like free Wi-Fi and comfortable bedrooms. 

Where to Stay in Olaya Riyadh? 

Al Olaya is a good residential neighborhood. It lies within the city center of Riyadh. It is home to popular thoroughfares. You can consider the Al Arz Street and Ibn Qais Street. Another good option is Al Farazdaz Street. There are nearby localities like Al Wizarat and Ash Shamali. 

Facts about Olaya Riyadh
Here are some interesting facts about Olaya Riyadh: 

  • The area’s name is also written as al-Ulaya
  • It is a fast-growing financial district in Riyadh. 
  • Landmarks include the Kingdom Center. This has the Four Seasons hotel. It will also have the upcoming tallest building in Saudi Arabia. This is the under-construction Al Rajhi Tower. 
  • Kingdom Center is Saudi Arabia’s second-tallest building at 302 meters. 
  • The area has the first Saudi Arabia skyscraper, the Al Faisaliyah Center. 
  • The Riyadh Monorail is also planned for the area. It will go through the district upon completion. 

Weather in Olaya Riyadh
The summers are hot and uncomfortable. Winters are drier and cooler. The weather is clear throughout the year. Temperatures range between 49-110 degrees Fahrenheit. The best time to visit is late-September to early-November. 

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