3 Bedroom Furnished Apartments in San Francisco

3 Bedroom Apartments in San Francisco

If you are looking for furnished, plush and splendidly designed 3 bedroom furnished apartments in San Francisco, then our portfolio is perfect for you. We have all the 3 bedroom apartments in San Francisco that you need for the perfect stay. Our apartments come with all the space that you require along with privacy, comfort and convenience. 

Our 3 bedroom furnished apartments in San Francisco are strategically located in close proximity to major transit points, business hubs and tourist landmarks while offering a plethora of amenities, appliances and facilities for travelers to enjoy. And that’s not all; we also offer round the clock customer assistance and support too. 

Our Best 3 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in San Francisco

When it comes to our portfolio of 3 bedroom apartments in San Francisco, you can take your pick from the options below: 

These are only some of the options available when it comes to 3 bedroom serviced apartments in San Francisco. Our award-winning reservations team will help you find the best apartment tailored to your needs so it comes with all the facilities that you require. 

Why Book Our 3 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in San Francisco? 

Whenever you are touching down in the city for extended durations, be it for the short or long term, you will appreciate the sheer convenience, privacy and flexibility of possessing your own home away from home in a new city. Our apartments will give you the comfort that you require with soft beds, plush furnishings and all the appliances and amenities that you require for a more enjoyable experience. 

Our apartments are also strategically located in proximity to major tourist attractions, business zones, shopping destinations, restaurants and public transit facilities in the city for maximum convenience.. For a truly fulfilling experience in San Francisco, you should definitely consider our portfolio of 3 bedroom furnished apartments. 

3 Bedroom Apartments in San Francisco for Leisure Travelers

There are many 3 bedroom apartments in San Francisco that leisure travelers and families will greatly appreciate. Now you can enjoy ample space for everyone during the stay without having to worry about privacy, comfort and other concerns. People traveling together in a bigger group for sightseeing should also consider our apartments as they are built for them in mind. 

Our apartments will give you everything from fully equipped kitchens and all vital appliances to entertainment and recreational facilities for keeping people happily engaged throughout the trip. You will also appreciate easy access to major tourist destinations in the city along with cultural and historical attractions, parks, monuments, shopping hubs, restaurants and a lot more. 

3 Bedroom Apartments in San Francisco for Business Travelers

There are many 3 bedroom serviced apartments in San Francisco that are ideal for business travelers and corporates. Business travelers in smaller or bigger groups can choose our apartments and enjoy extra space, comfort and convenience compared to conventional hospitality accommodation. Find all the amenities that you require along with super comfortable beds and plush furnishings to wind down in style after a hard day’s work. You will enjoy staying connected to your business associates and loved ones while taking note of the entertainment and recreational amenities on offer as well. 

Additionally, from brainstorming together to hosting mini parties, you can do it all here with your colleagues in the privacy and comfort of your own apartment. You will also enjoy swift connectivity to major commercial, corporate and business destinations with facilities of public transportation, restaurants, nightlife, shopping zones and more.

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Interesting Facts About San Francisco 

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful and historic cities that you can choose for your trip. Once you select our 3 bedroom apartments in San Francisco, you can be assured of having a great time throughout your stay. There are some truly interesting and engaging facts that you should know about the city before you visit. These include the following: 

  • Not one bank failed during even the Great Depression in San Francisco. Business remained so robust that the city built the Golden Gate Bridge and Oakland Bay Bridge in this period. 
  • The last concert of the Beatles took place here at Candlestick Park on the 29th of August, 1966.
  • The United Nations Charter was ratified post being drafted in San Francisco in 1945. 
  • A major portion of the city was destroyed by a fire and earthquake in the year 1906. 
  • The Gold Rush led to several abandoned ships piling up at the harbor. They were later reused and torn for developing banks, homes and businesses alike. 
  • The cable cars in San Francisco are the sole National Historical Monument that is moving. The cables run at 9.5 miles per hour. 
  • Chinese fortune cookies were invented here at the Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park by the Hagiwara family from Japan. 
  • Denim jeans were invented here by Levi Strauss for miners in the Gold Rush. 
  • Joshua Abraham Norton, a resident of the city, famously declared himself as the Emperor of the United States in the past. Upon his death, a whopping 10,000 people turned up for paying their last respects.