3 Bedroom Apartments in San Francisco

San Francisco Three Bedroom Apartments for Rent

Group travelers and large families prefer large apartments, so they don't have to compromise their sleep and relaxation by staying together. That is where our 3 bedroom apartments in San Francisco come into the traveling charts. These apartments have plenty of space to accommodate everyone and have a comfortable stay.

Our Best 3 Bedroom Apartments in San Francisco

Each 3 bedroom apartments in San Francisco has a unique characteristic and style. They are located at the city's prime destinations, keeping proximity to major business and tourist places. You can quickly get a bus or a private car, as we have our apartments located in areas with a good transportation network. Additionally, apartments at TheSqua.re are designed to provide comfort and convenience with privacy and security.

Here are some of our top three bedroom apartments in San Francisco:

Our apartments will provide you with everything from fully equipped kitchens to necessary amenities, relaxation & comfort, to entertainment & recreational facilities. Keeping in mind the client's requirements, we design apartments that suit all your needs and keep you engaged throughout the trip.

Facilities in Our 3 Bedroom Apartments in San Francisco

Tourists highly appreciate our portfolio of 3 bedroom apartments in San Francisco for the top-notch services and availability of necessary amenities. We offer you a fully equipped kitchen with modern appliances to cook your food instead of spending money at restaurants. According to your needs, you can rent these apartments for the short to long term. We provide laundry and cleaning services for a small amount. Additionally, you get a clean bathroom, a large living room with a flat-screen television, and free Wi-Fi services for a relaxed evening. Some apartments offer a working space that you may need while traveling for business purposes. Each bedroom has large-sized comfortable beds with clean blankets and pillows. Bedrooms are the most relaxing areas after a long day and keeping that in mind, we have designed the room with plush furniture that provides comfort and is suitable for health.

These serviced apartments in San Francisco are safe as we have taken all necessary steps to maintain the security and safety of our guests. You can avail of our 24 hours customer service team for any help. Interestingly, some of our hotels provide special amenities with additional charges. These may include in-house restaurants, gyms, bars, swimming pools, conference halls, rooftop decks, balconies, etc., depending on the facilities available at the hotels.

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