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Chinatown is all about bringing regal and historic together with the urban hip lifestyle. This is exactly a brief that our furnished apartments in Chinatown chase and live up to. From short term rentals snuggled amidst the stunning age-old architecture that also offers proximity to the coolest nightclubs in the city, our rentals offer the best of both worlds under one roof. With amenities that range from as basic as groceries or comfortable mattresses to as luxurious as dishwashers or a bathtub, our rentals are so much more than a hotel room.

Our Top Furnished Apartments in Chinatown, SFO:

Each one of our furnished apartments in Chinatown comes equipped with an impressive range of facilities from free Wi-Fi to a full-fledged kitchen, gym access to a full-fledged kitchen that is already stocked with your everyday ingredients, the entire living experience that every listing on our catalog offers only aims to please in the most comforting way possible.

Where to Stay in Chinatown

Out of all the neighborhoods, Nob Hill tops the charts for its unique charm, history, and mass appeal among the locals. No wonder tourists fall in love with it instantly. The nightlife here is vibrant, the Huntington park has a charm of its own when it comes to romantic picnics or family outings with kiddos. Despite the urban and hip vibes, the historic architecture speaks a lot to the travelers choosing Chinatown. Apart from that, the Financial District with its endless business opportunities is a great neighborhood to be around when in Chinatown for all the right reasons.

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Facts About Chinatown

With 24 square blocks, the city's best dim sum, rich architecture, intense history, and a lot of fun vibe with Karaoke bars and herbal tea shops lining up the historic green lanes of the neighbourhood, San Francisco’s Chinatown is all about fusion without touching the past authenticity.

Established in as early as 1848 Chinatown, facts that you must know include:

  • This Chinatown is the oldest in all of North America which also makes it the most established one.
  • The Chinese community here boasts of being the largest outside Asia and hence the dense culture makes it all the more unique.
  • It is most famous for its authentic customs, language, and unique identity that it has managed to preserve over the decades.
  • It is associated immensely with the history of ethnic Chinese immigrants coming to North America.

Weather in Chinatown

With enough humidity and rainfall throughout the year, Chinatown has a pick of the best months that fall right in the most pleasant weather cycle. Visit here anytime between May-June and September-October. As unlikely as it may sound, Chinatown summers are quite infamous for their restrictive fog but still happens to be the peak season. January happens to be its coldest month with an average drop up until 46.4°F.