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Interesting Facts About Civic Center

The Civic Center building was completed in 1987. With its busiest times in spring and fall, it proudly hosts various events throughout the year.

Here are a few facts that might get you even more thrilled about your upcoming stay in our furnished apartments in Civic Center:

  • Marvin Anding, the mayor from 1977 to 1983, conceived the idea for the Civic Center. 
  • Just seven people manage the 52,000-square-foot building and its 150+ annual events. The entire team's responsibility is to ensure that the events go off without a hitch and that the guests are kept safe.
  • In times of crisis, the Civic Center has stepped in to help, and it has done so on numerous occasions. There is a large washer and dryer in the building, two showers, and many restrooms for residents. Shelter, water, and electricity are essential in times of crisis.
  • You may have attended a wedding where the bride and groom released doves but a wedding held at the Civic Center features an elephant procession for the bride and groom.

Weather in Civic Center

For September, the average monthly temperature in Civic Center is 63.6 degrees. It drops below 50 degrees in January. December is the month with the most rainfall. You can easily pick the season based on your preference, our furnished apartments in Civic Center will be all ready to comfort you.