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The Financial District San Francisco or better known as the ‘Downtown’ is always active, bustling with youthful energy to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience. This hip neighborhood called the ‘Wall Street of the West Coast’ is full of elegant buildings, iconic landmarks, and superb entertainment scenes. Here, there’s no dearth of sites to see, things to do, and places to eat. From the Transamerica Pyramid to the Union Square, cable cars, and taverns, you will never fall short of a good life right here in the Financial District. And in case you are looking for a place to stay in this buzzing and vibrant neighborhood, do check out our furnished apartments in the Financial District that you can call home for the entire length of your stay.

Our Top Furnished Apartments in the Financial District SF: 

These serviced apartments in the Financial District are great stays with modern amenities and spectacular features that make them a top choice for travelers, be it corporate or leisure. They boast of eclectic design, large open spaces, a fully equipped kitchen with modern appliances, complimentary WiFi, flat-screen TV with satellite or cable connection, and a cozy bedroom with an attached bathroom that comes with crisp linen. Here, you will feel right at home with the kind of facilities that surpass any resort.

Where to Stay in Financial District

No matter if you are traveling to San Francisco for the first time or the Nth, if you are in the Financial District, it’s gonna be absolutely no sweat. That’s because you will be staying in the neighborhood that is the downtown of San Francisco. Here, you will not need to worry about anything as you are bang in the middle of one of the most important cities in the US. with plenty of things to see and do, here you’ll have no dearth of places to eat, as the world of cuisine is situated right here, or even places to party.

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Facts About Financial District SF

Financial District is home to some of the top Fortune 500 companies. Union Square at the heart of Downtown is one of the most famous shopping regions. The neighborhood is situated adjacent to the waterfront, the place is buzzing with activities, people who spend their corporate and leisure time, and not to forget, the cable cars line that passes through this area.

Here are some fun facts about the neighborhood:

  • The area was destroyed almost completely when a fire broke out in the early 1900s, yet many of its skyscrapers survived
  • The Tadich Grill restaurant that’s popular for seafood, is over 150 years old and was established in 1849
  • The Cable Car that runs through the Financial District was built double-ended as there was no turnaround on the California Street

Weather in Financial District

The Financial District in San Francisco enjoys a moderate climate with sunny summers and short winters. The climate is pleasant throughout the year given its proximity to the ocean, yet the best time to visit is between June to October.