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If you are in North Beach, you are in one of the ten “Great Neighborhoods in America” according to the American Planning Association. Situated in the northeast of the city, just adjacent to Chinatown, this neighborhood is also known as San Francisco’s ‘Little Italy’, the buzzing neighborhood is soaked in Italian culture which draws tourists to its restaurants, cafes, and retro-bars.  Although a large population of Italian origin still resides here, yet it’s a mixed bag of other ethnic groups as well. In case you are planning to visit this neighborhood for a weekend or an extended stay, our serviced apartments in North Beach SF are apt for you. Be it for a short or long duration, our luxurious apartments come with modern amenities which will ensure that you experience a great stay. 

Some of Our Top Serviced Apartments in North Beach SF:

Our serviced apartments in North Beach San Francisco are packed with modern amenities and luxurious facilities that one could think of. They come with ample spaces for both solo travelers and families. The interiors are crafted with a touch of elegance and a fully equipped kitchen allows you to don the chef’s hat when you’re in no mood to eat outside. Cozy bedrooms, stylish bathrooms, a living room, and free WiFi are some of the features that help ensure that your holidays are well spent. 

Where to Stay in North Beach SF

If you are visiting San Francisco for the first time, then it is always advisable to stay in a central location that is well connected to other parts of the city, especially the downtown and major tourist attractions. Here you would get the vibrant multicultural vibes of the city. This place offers a stunning panoramic view of the San Francisco Bay area and has lots of shopping complexes, art houses, restaurants, and pubs which will keep you hooked to the neighborhood.

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Facts About North Beach SF

North Beach was an actual beach with fisherman wharves, which by the 1800s were covered and warehouses were built during the rise of Industrial America. It was the Italians who then thronged the area in the early 1900s and rebuilt the neighborhood to what it is today.

Here are a few facts about North Beach:

  • It had its first lesbian bar in San Francisco and became the hub of the Beatnik subculture in the middle of the 20th century.
  • The Coit Tower perched upon Telegraph Hill is an interesting place to visit which will give you a sense of Californian history 
  • Head to the Grant Av. if you are on a shopping spree, and if you’re more into music clubs, retro-bars and nightlife, do not miss out on Broadway.

Weather in North Beach

North Beach enjoys excellent weather throughout the year and just like San Francisco, this neighborhood too has a moderate climate. While Summers are pleasant, they are also crowded. Hence it’s advisable to visit during the spring and fall to avoid the crowd and enjoy the cool weather with clear skies.

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