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Pacific Heights is a warm residential neighbourhood of San Francisco that is home to plenty of influential people with welcoming locals and a lot of attractions. Our abodes sit here with tasteful furnishings, extensive hotel-like services, and the warmth of a pre-lived home in SF’s heart.

Our Top Furnished Apartments in Pacific Heights are:

To be able to feel even remotely at home, one must have access to all the amenities and furnishings in travel accommodation. We make sure to include modern furniture, kitchen appliances, and various facilities in every apartment we offer you. All of our furnished apartments in Pacific Heights come laden with a convenient set of services to make you feel welcomed in SF.

Where to Stay in Pacific Heights

The Spreckels Mansion and the Haas-Lilienthal House, a Queen Anne Victorian that is open to the public, are two of the area's most notable architectural landmarks in Pacific Heights. Lafayette and Alta Plaza, two grassy hilltop parks, and the Lyon Street Stairs offer stunning views of San Francisco Bay. Shops and cafes line Fillmore Street, making it one of San Francisco's busiest shopping districts. Some of the great areas to stay in and near Pacific Heights includes Marina, Hayes Valley, Civic Centre, Union Square, etc.

No matter which accommodation from our portfolio you resonate best with, the location of each of these furnished apartments in Pacific Heights is ideally excellent and everything around is at a very short distance. In terms of safety and privacy as well these apartments are well-qualified as per our heavy parameters.

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Facts about Pacific Heights

There are a lot of hidden facts about Pacific Heights one should know about.

Here are some of the most fun facts to excite you for your stay at our furnished apartments in Pacific Heights:

  • Even though Pacific Heights in San Francisco is a popular destination for tourists, massive bus tours aren't usually allowed to pass through the area. 
  • If you're looking for a more intimate experience, consider taking an open-air trolley tour, vintage VW bus tour, or architecture walking tour.
  • Alternatively, take a helicopter trip to get a bird's-eye view of its mansions.
  • The Spreckels Mansion, owned by Danielle Steel, may be seen in Lafayette Park at Washington and Octavia streets, along with another local park Alta Plaza. 
  • The Haas-Lilienthal House, a Queen Anne-style house erected in 1886, is open for visits on special days.

Weather in Pacific Heights

Despite the high humidity levels, most of the year is pleasant in Pacific Heights, except for a few cold snaps in the winter. There is a minimal risk of rain or snow. Compared to other tourist locations, the area is in the 63rd percentile in terms of nice weather. For the hottest time to visit Pacific Heights, September, August, and July are the best months. In late August and early September, temperatures rarely fall below 57.5°F (14.2°C) at night, making this the most pleasant period of the year.