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If you are traveling and your next stop is a beautiful neighborhood in Eureka Valley, then you must know that there are warm, welcoming, and furnished apartments in The Castro awaiting you. You can easily rent these apartments that come with all the necessary facilities including a fully furnished kitchen, large bedrooms, spacious living rooms, and lavish bathrooms. All of these and much more at affordable prices. You can have one of the best experiences of your life by staying at these apartments.

Our Top Furnished Apartments in The Castro, San Francisco:

All the apartments will serve you to the best of their capacity and will leave you with no pangs of hotel lobbies. With cosy bedrooms, stylish living rooms, and fully functional kitchens, these furnished apartments in The Castro will make you feel content. You can easily pick the best one for you based on your budget and requirement. If you want it for business travel and you are alone, even a studio abode will suffice. If not, our portfolio has multi-room listings as well. Each comes secure with CCTV, laden with amenities like a luxury living room, Wi-Fi, TV, balconies, and more.

Where to Stay in The Castro

The area itself is a closed one which makes it a safe place to stay. There are places like Diamond St, Collingwood St, Noe St, 19th St, Ford St, Caselli Ave, and Danvers St where you can find accommodation for yourself easily. All of these places have the necessary amenities and easy transportation for you to stay connected.

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Facts About The Castro

There are many state parks, museums, and trails located here. Many of them have a rich history associated and attract a lot of tourists every year.

You must know some of the facts associated with the famous places in The Castro:

  • The Castro Theatre is a designated San Francisco landmark and one of the Bay Area's few remaining grand movie palaces.
  • Twin Peaks Tavern is one of the most iconic and revolutionary taverns opened more than 45 years ago. It became the country's first gay bar to install large plate-glass windows so everyone could see inside.
  • Dog Eared Books store boasts the largest selection of LGBT and is home to a monthly LGBT book club that is open to new members. 
  • The Castro has a GLBT Historical Society and Museum, a 1,600-square-foot exhibit hall with three gallery spaces. 
  • There’s a Castro District Food Tour to give you an overview of the neighborhood's diversity of ethnic eats including Spanish, Thai, Middle Eastern, French, and Japanese.

Weather in The Castro

The summers are short and comfortable in the Castro whereas the winters are long, cold, and wet. It is partly cloudy year-round. However, the chance of wet days in Castro varies significantly throughout the year. The humidity comfort level is muggy and does not vary significantly over the year. June-August is Castro’s peak season to consider.