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Union Square is a public plaza of 2.6 acres that adjoins Powell, Geary, Stockton and Post Streets in downtown San Francisco. Union Square is also the major hotel, shopping and theater district surrounding the plaza and encompassing multiple blocks. Demand is always high for serviced apartments in Union Square San Francisco since this locality has one of the biggest collections of premier boutiques, departmental stores, art galleries, gift stores and beauty salons in the U.S

Some of Our Best Serviced Apartments in Union Square SF:

Every one of our serviced Union Square apartments comes with the best amenities and facilities for travelers. These include free Wi-Fi, fully-equipped kitchens for rustling up delicious meals and comfortable beds for supreme relaxation. 

Where to Stay in Union Square SF

Union Square is home to several hospitality establishments and restaurants along with nearby localities like North Beach, Chinatown and even near the Financial District. The best areas nearby include Nob Hill and the Wharf.


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Facts About Union Square SF

Union Square covers 2.6 acres as a plaza in downtown San Francisco while also indicating the central hotel, shopping and theater district surrounding this plaza. The area derives its name from its previous Thomas Starr King rallies and support demonstrations in favor of the Union Army at the time of the American Civil War. It has become a California Historical Landmark ever since.

Here are some more interesting facts about Union Square SF:

  • The one-block plaza and its surrounding hub contain one of the United States’ biggest concentrations of beauty salons, gift stores, art galleries, premier boutiques and departmental stores. 
  • The Dewey Monument lies in the center and is a statue of the ancient Greek Goddess of Victory, Nike. 
  • Union Square was a sand dune originally and was later allocated for a public park in the year 1850. It was built and dedicated by the first ever American Mayor of San Francisco, John Geary, in the same year.          
  • 1903 witnessed the dedication of a 97 foot-tall monument for commemorating the victory of Admiral George Dewey at the Battle of Manila Bay. 
  • In 1939-1941, a big underground parking space cum garage came up beneath the square, housing the monument, lawns and shrubs. This was the first underground parking garage in the world, designed by Timothy Pflueger. 
  • A design competition was announced on 21st March, 1997, for redesigning Union Square by the Planning Department of the City and County of San Francisco. Toward a More Perfect Union: an International Design Competition for the Future of Union Square was its name. 
  • R.M. Fischer designed the notable Light Sculptures here while Vicki Saulls crafted the Glazed Tiles. 

Weather in Union Square SF

The best time to visit Union Square is between May and June and also between September and October. The weather remains on the cooler side with majorly clear skies. July and August are peak tourist seasons.